Thursday, June 01, 2006

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Well, I sure as hell do! But what do I have to do? I guess I could just follow the lead of Abe "No-Hit" Nunez, David "Fairy-Feet" Bell, and Ryan "Whiplash" Franklin, because they pretty much do nothing for their millions! I know Gillick didn't sign my whipping boy, Bell, but he got a 4 year deal and has played poorly during his tenure in Philly with very little production. I've heard comments about how Bell is an acceptable 7-hole hitter...what the hell do you want a 3rd basemen hitting 7th for? In the realm of reality, Bell is bad with the bat...plain and simple! He must lead the league in wussy pop-ups to infielders. I'm so dead set on this, that I even emailed Jayson Stark to see if he can find out for his Useless Information section on I've ranted on here previously about Nunez's 2 year deal, so quick to the point: dude didn't deserve it. Now for Franklin, his #'s in Safeco were horrible and I doubt he should have received anything better than a 1 year $700,000 deal or better yet a minor league deal. However, Gillick decided to reward the American League's leader in loses with a +5 ERA a 1 year guaranteed 2.6 million dollar contract...hello, STUPID!!!

So in the words of the immortal Happy Gilmore, "The price is wrong bitch!"