Friday, June 02, 2006

Un-Happy Days

Sunday, Monday, unhappy days,
Tuesday, Wednesday, unhappy days,
Thursday, Friday, unhappy days,
Saturday, another day, losing all week with you.

Sit on it, Gavin Floyd!

Joanie might love Chachi, but we here at WSBGM's sure don't love Gavin or his 7.29 ERA.

I don't care what the options are (Potsie, Ralph Malph, Mrs. Cunningham) Floyd has to go. Floyd has become the 2006 Paul Abbott, because when he pitches you might as well start the bullpen in the third inning, mark down an 'L' by the 4th, and go to bed by the 5th.

Luckily, Hamels' rehab start went well in New Jersey yesterday, so he will likely take over for Floyd the next time his spot in the rotation rolls around. Or at least we can hope.

The grandiose hopes for this team are dwindling. As NY Jets coach Herm Edwards once said, "Playoffs? Playoffs!?" Only a few sensimilla-smoking die-hards are thinking playoffs now. Most of are thinking (hoping?) ".500." At 27-26, the Phils are on pace for 83 wins (and with 10 more road games to go, followed by 3 series' with NYY, NYM, and BOS, look for that pace to drop off faster than Mr. Cunningham in a 10K.)

other thoughts:
- David Bell only has 8 errors on the season, due mainly to the fact that he must be paying off the official scorer at ballparks around the country. I've never seen more missed backhand attempts ruled 1B or 2B in my life. Great effort last night, losing a ground-ball in the lights! But he does all the little things...
- Jimmy Rollins' OBP is down to .310. Are they waiting for it to dip below .300? If Mendoza owns the .200 BA, then the .300 OBP is now the "Rollins Line."
- Dodgers had 6 2-out RBIs last night, probably the same as the Phils season total. But with pitching like this, does it even matter?
- AAA Bullpen last night - Sanchez/Condrey 4 IP, 2H, OR
- The Phils have a 7.5 game lead on the Buccos for the Keystone Cup (trophy to be awarded here on WSBGM's); a once insurmountable lead is dwindling...
- Firing Charlie Manuel will not help the pitching staff, but they should do it anyway. Every day he gets closer to "lame-duck" status.
- What the hell is Rich Dubee writing all game long?


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GM-Carson said...

Dubee needs to get Floyd a doobie so the dude can calm the hell down! Gosh the Phillies disgust. And I'm going to step on toes with this one, the idiots that think this team is playoff caliber disgust me too!