Friday, June 02, 2006

That Angry Empty Feeling

Why am I mad? Why am I feeling helplessly empty? The answer is blowin' in the wind. The Phricken Phillies Phlabergast me! The fact that The Headcase Known as Gavin Floyd is still in the rotation gets my blood boiling. The guy has just not pitched well in the MLB. In fact his ERA is near 7 for his career and +7 for this season with a WHIP around 2. How the hell do the Phillies plan to win with a knob-job like that on the mound?

I'm now going to get up on my soap box and pat myself on the back, or stab myself in the back. Back when the Phillies dropped those 2 1-run games to the Brewers back in mid-May following the infamous 13 out of 14 stretch, I said that these type of games kill the morale of a team and that it wouldn't bode well for the rest of the season. People shot my notion down as if I were a mongoloid. I've been saying for the past 1/2 month that this team is bad, and that they were only teasing fans there for a bit. Once again, I was labeled a downer and didn't know what the hell I was talking about. Well, guess what, even though this team is still above .500 for the time being, they suck. D-Train Willis is not going to make this team a playoff competitor, firing Manuel won't either...bottom line, they suck! I desperately wish I wasn't right of this occasion, but unfortunately I hit the nail on the head.

If you disagree with me, by all means form a rebuttal.



The Rev said...

Yor use of the word suck for this team is too strong.

Teams like the Pittsburgh Pirates suck. The Kansas City Royals suck. The 2000 Phillies sucked.

As long as the Phillies are in the hunt for the playoffs, the word suck doesn't apply to them.

Granted, there are plenty of other words to use. Underachieving. Disappointing. They apply to the Phillies right now. But suck is too harsh.

Dontrelle Willis would help, but the majority of the bullpen still cancels out his influence.

Firing Charlie Manuel would not help. Despite what you guys say often, this is not his fault. He takes as much blame as anyone does for their failures, and he deserves his share of blame. But the players not doing what they are paid to do is on the players.

GM-Carson said...

I use the word suck because that's what teams are when they continuously disappoint. Yeah sure, the Phillies have better record than other teams out there, but based on what this team should be doing...THEY S-U-C-K!!!

GM-Carson said...

carson, you are in rare form today. when you go home do not kick your dog.

anyways, firing charlie manuel would not help this team now...but it would make my day better.

the phillies as a whole do not "suck", but their pitching staff sure does. after myers and maybe hamels (we'll see) they are horrible.

the pirates suck?!?! ouch, that one hurts...


GM-Carson said...

I am in rare form today and there no talking sense to me right now. I'm willing to admit my views may be over the top right now, but screw it! I just feel like getting to the heart of the matter and being politcally incorrect...because p.c. is bland!