Thursday, June 29, 2006

Rock Bottom

Just how bad is bad? That is a question for the ages my friend. The Pirates are currently in the midst of a nice and tidy 13 game losing streak. I personally hope it reaches somewhere around 20 games, because that's about the only way this team will get national exposure. By the way, the Pirates record for those who care is 26-53, damn close to worst in baseball. The Phillies are bad too, albeit with a better record of 35-42. However, the Phillies were expected to contend, unlike the Pirates, and the Phillies are an embarrassment to baseball right now with the Brett Myers situation, a manager that is a "retarded hick", and a bunch of overpaid pansies! So how bad is bad, well apparently it's pretty f'n bad! And believe me, it stands to get worse. Pennsylvania baseball is really taking it in the rear this season, and without even the courtesy of a lube...ouch!

Also, there seems to be no help on the way. Staff aces John Lieber and Oliver Perez flat-out suck. Perez has been demoted to bullpen duties and Lieber is struggling in rehab starts for Single A. Each farm system is void of positional prospects, and any pitching that comes up seems to fall flat on their faces...this is just so very bad, in fact rock bottom!



GM-Carson said...

I'm always so negative...well, the Phils give me good reason. But here is some sunshine for you pansy-ass: Ryan Howards leads MLB with 27 bombs and Dellucci and Victorino are proving to be valuable bench-dawgs! That's about as much happiness as I can handle right now.

BenJah said...

give the buccos some credit: as bad as they've been, they haven't quit playing. i give jim tracey and his staff a lot of credit.

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