Saturday, June 24, 2006

Reason number 1,134...

why the Phillies suck. By the way, flip 1,134 upside-down and backwards and it reads HELL, which is exactly what true Phillies fans are in right now.

Myers thanks for causing a distraction from this failure of a season. Pat Gillick thank you for having the balls to make a major move in obtaining Rick White (he's going to tear it up!). Gavin Floyd thanks for being the headcase you are and proving me right with a 5.68 ERA in Scranton. David Bell thanks for bringing the veteran playoff leadership to this organization and playing beyond expectations during the past 4 seasons. Charlie Manuel thank you for sticking to your guns and continuing with your strategy of leading by doing nothing. Ryan Franklin thank you for robbing the Phillies of 2.6 million dollars. Ryan Madson you deserve an extra vote of gratitude for pitching brilliantly in the rotation. Bobby Abreu thank you for not sacrificing your body and running into walls to make any type of above average catch, you are a true Gold Glover! Rollins thank you for showing the Majors what a true leadoff hitter should look like. Art Rhodes thanks for solidifying the back end of the bullpen. Abe "No Hit" Nunez thank you for absolutely destroying opposing pitchers, you obviously could be starting on most teams at 3rd, SS, or 2nd.

Ok, I think if you actually read this, you get the point...Screw the Phillies!

Thought: Bobby Scales is actually ripping up Triple AAA pitching with a .349 batting average and some pop. He can play corner outfield and infield positions...why isn't he getting a chance?



Fat Ted said...

well said, manuel and gillick haven't given up on this year and they love david bell so its unlikely i think that any young third basemen get a chance. and why do they need another 3rd baseman? they got nunez

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