Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Phillies - Draft Day 1

might as well head over to Phillies Nation to check out the Phils through their first 19 picks.

the scouting videos over at are great, here are some things that I noticed:
- Drabek looks like he has excellent RAW stuff. 12-6 curvball that drops off of the table. Fastball that reached 94 on the video. Control? Who cares at this point, because the kid has loads of work to do anyway. He's very upright in his delivery with a medium stide to home. Delivery does not seem to be consistent with variation in the upper body position and release point. Very little lower body in delivery, is what I call an "arm-thrower," which is often seen in young pitchers with cannons. Weaker-armed pitchers must rely on lower half to generate power. Kids like Drabek don't. If he can refine his delivery (big "IF" here) he has the potential to be a very hard thrower.
- #2 pick Adrian Cardenas (IF) looks like Jose Vidro at the plate. Video shows him taking warm-up grounders at short, which is totally useless. The best part about his video is him running to first base after he hits the ball. I don't know why, but I laughed out loud. Looks like he went to the Babe Ruth School of Running. I like it though, gives him character...
- #3 pick Andrew Carpenter (RP) polished, consistent, 3/4 delivery.
-#5 pick D'Arby Myers (OF) - they couldn't find a better video? Two weak throws from the outfield, a horrid swing at a pitch above his head, a pop-up and two walks. Makes Phillies Nation assessment of "likely going to USC" a bit relieving!
- #7 pick Daniel Brauer (LHP) - threw 3 "curveballs" in the video. None curved. None were close to the plate. Again, we can't get a better video!
- #11 Samuel Walls(RP) - elbow troubles in kidding. Deliberate, slow start, then explodes to home with little help from lower body. Great relief pitcher delivery, little bit of deception that works one time through. Bad delivery if you're an elbow...


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GM-Carson said...

The baseball draft is so boring. It's the one aspect about baseball that I don't get all that excited about. It takes forever for the prospects to make it through the minors that you sort of forget where they come from. At least in the NFL or NBA they're there right away.