Friday, June 23, 2006

Myers Gets Whacks In Despite DH

It took a trip to an American League park for Phillies pitchers to start hitting...

Brett Myers was arrested Friday in Boston and charged with hitting his wife while they were out on the town Thursday night. Reports can be found here or here or here.

We here at WSBGM's are taking a hard stand and will opposing domestic violence. That's right. We are NOT for it.

We, however, will be leaving our soapboxes, high horses, and pedestals in the attic. We're not going to judge Myers yet. We won't be sentencing Myers to some various form of capital punishment. We will not call for an immediate tar-and-feathering. We don't want Myers traded to KC either(although Pittsburgh might be nice...) It is way too early to jump the gun on things like this. It's like having a fight with your wife, there are things you want to say, and might mean, but you don't say them because some things can never be taken back. And incidents like this, right or wrong, tend to get "forgotten." There are guys who have been charged with the same thing, but it takes Google to remember who they were. And we here at WSBGM's aren't the type to call for a guys head now, then love him later. When we call for the axe, we mean it (here that Bell & Lieberthal?) So I think it is prudent to play the waiting game on this one. Yep, we are content at this point to see how the situation pans out and how Phillies handle things, and THEN criticize them unmercifully for it, because you know they are going to screw this one up royally.

As an aside, Brett Myers is 6'4"240 and was an amateur boxer. The police report said when police arrived his wife was crying and they took a picture of her swollen cheek but police were "still trying to determine if Myers hit his wife with an open or closed fist." Umm, that is some crack detective work. Might want to call in Scotland Yard to figure that one out...

Initial court date set for August 4th, with more to follow. Prediction: plea bargain=probation.

Of course, maybe it wasn't even his wife. Maybe it was just Joe Kerrigan in a wig!? If so, we can all sit back and have a laugh...


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GM-Carson said...

What the hell?! Does it really matter if it was an open or closed hand? Seriously, both are abuse! I hope it's not as bad as it sounds...only time will tell.