Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Draft Day 1 - Pirates

go here for an excellent review of the Pirates draft by WTM.

or I'll summarize for you:
- Round 1 - Brad Lincoln RHP U. of Houston - throws hard, good command.
- "overdrafting" between rounds 2 and 10
- two "tough-sign" high schoolers in rounds 11 and 13

my favorite quotes from WTM:
"The Pirates' scouting staff seems drawn to college pitchers who weren't especially good at getting hitters out, and so far there's no indication that the team's scouting staff can help these guys take a leap forward."
-"Negrych is part of a pattern the last two years of the Pirates selecting offense-oriented secondbasemen...[even though] that's exactly the sort of player they dislike at the major league level."
-"The Pirates took a number of pitchers in the 2006 draft who didn't perform all that well in college, presumably because their scouts think they're good projects. They did the same thing in 2005, with no results so far beyond leaving the team very weak in pitching at the lower levels of the farm system."

would you expect anythings else from the Buccos?


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GM-Carson said...

I hate the word "project"...screw that! Draft players that have performed in the past. This 5 tool crap doesn't pan out so well a lot times.