Friday, June 16, 2006

Because We Should Be GM's...

Changes in no particular order:
1. Fire Manuel. The man is not smart. May be a great person, but nice guys don't win championships! He's an idiot when it comes to managing, and his "handling" of players is obviously overrated.
2. Cut ties with Nunez. The man has appeared in 44 games with 73 at bats, and has only produced 4 runs scored and 1 way does he belong on this team! About anyone could produce those #'s.
3. Start calling up "prospects" and getting them experience. Hamels is here and should keep learning. Mathieson is coming Saturday and will benefit from the experience. Gio Gonzalez and Haigwood should be summoned soon too.
4. Madson to bullpen forever! Weitzel put it best...just doesn't have the pitches for a starter.
5. Trade Floyd while on "hot streak" in Scranton.
6. Start trading bullpen arms for prospects. Cormier, Fultz, Rhodes, could all land some decent prospects for coming seasons.
7. See what Abreu or Burrell could bring us in a trade.
8. Work my ass off to get rid of Bell. In my opinion he is the poster child for what the Phillies are...CRAP! I can't stand Bell's wussy popups to infielders, lollipop throws to 1st, or that gay hop he does while fielding grounders!!!
9. Ryan Franklin- make him the club ace and watch him go on to win 10 in the 2nd half of the season...hahaha, just checking if you were reading.
10. Bat Abreu leadoff and drop Rollins in the order. Abreu just is not a power hitter anymore, in fact Rollins has 9 homeruns compared to Abreu's 8.
11. Speaking of Rollins, make his ass do pushups for every time he pops up, ala Willie Mays Hayes style from the movie Major League.
12. Get rid of the Phillie Phanactic as the team mascot and ask Warner Bro. permission to use Wile E. Coyote for the rest of this $hitty season!



GM-Carson said...

I'm pathetic, nobody wants to post on my blog...what the hell? Nope, instead everyone goes to Beerleaguer and pussy-foots around, sugar-coating the Phillies struggles and saying tired, played out, cliche bullshit like "it's a long season", or "it's a marathon, not a sprint"...losers say that shit...get an f'in clue you blind bastards!


Whelkman said...

No argument here. I thought the team would struggle to maintain .500 before the season started and snickered when everyone started talking about playoffs in May.

Insightful commentary, by the way. Yours is the first I check.

I'd like to say I'm pulling for next year, but, knowing Philly management, I'm sure we'll soon be hearing about the $30 million dollar deal to keep Bell, Franklin, and Lieberthal in town.

Fat Ted said...

I just found your blog, I like a few of the posts. You can count me as a new reader of the blog, good stuff. I'm all with you on saying the Phils suck, forget the long season crap. I think changes need to be made other than fire Charlie though. O well.