Thursday, May 04, 2006

A Win Despite

Whether lucky or good, a three game winning streak feels pretty fine. However, manager Charlie Manuel continues to make questionable decisions.

First, he PH David Bell against Smoltz, desite Bell's horrid stats against him because he wanted to pull the double switch. But he did have a switch-hitting Victorino with whom he could have hit, left in LF for Delluci. This would have put the the pitcher's spot due 6th instead of eighth, but it would have put three switch hitters into the lineup (Rollins, Nunez, Victorino) and still left Bell, Burrell and Gonzalez to hit PH later in the game.

His second mistake came in the 8th inning. With a runner on second and two outs and Ryan Franklin on the mound, Uncle Charlie walked LH Adam LaRoche intentionally rather than bring in a LHP (Cormier, Rhodes) to face him. The next batter Francoeur delivered a run scoring hit. Then Charlie brought in Cormier to get out of the inning. To be fair, Rhodes may not have been available, but Cormier, who is on a hot streak to start the year, obviously was. Ryan Franklin is not a dependable shut-down set-up man and he needs to stop being used that way.


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GM-Carson said...

I wonder if people reading can tell of our dislike of Manuel?