Wednesday, May 17, 2006

They get knocked down...

but do they get up again? Last night Franklin gift wrapped that game for the Brew Crew, and it was a tough loss. Last week I said it was important to bounce back against the Mets, and thanks to Rowand and THE CATCH, the Phillies did just that. Bouncing back after losses is an indication of a playoff caliber team. The Phillies are still not sure what team they are: good/May or bad/April. Tonight Floyd takes the mound hoping to continue to progress towards securing his spot in the rotation for seasons to come. I'm still not sold on Floyd and I'm still not sold on the Phillies. With that said, I do have optimism that they will win tonight and possibly win yet another series. I want to believe this team is for real, and if they indeed are for real, then winning tonight is once again important.

*Thought: Victorino is filling in wonderfully for the Mafia beatdown-looking Rowand. Offense is struggling, so why not try him leadoff. Rollins is killing the team at the top of the order right now. Jimmy is in one of his seasonal funks where he jams himself or pops up...yuck! Victorino may be just playing himself into a starting role down the road...Especially with rumbles/rumors of an Abreu trade.


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