Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Shootin' the Bull

Greg "Bull" Luzinski is a cool guy. He was a hefty player back in the day for the Phillies, and now he hangs out at Citizens Bank Park around Bull's Bar-B-Q. My father-in-law, an avid hunter, watches the hunting shows on tv and saw Luzinski and his son on one of them Saturday morning before we headed to the game. So naturally, Timbo (father-in-law), struck up a conversation with Bull about hunting, not baseball. Bull indulged Timbo, and he looked more than happy to talk about something other than his glory days on the field. We also had an excellent meal at McFadden's before the game, and that's good because the Phillies once again sucked. Overall, the trip was enjoyable, because that ballpark is beautiful. Of note: Aaron Rowand's first at bat back from the DL was awesome to see in person. The crowd gave him a standing ovation for a good minute.

Too bad Ryan Franklin is horrible and is a lost game/homerun surrendered waiting to happen. I know Charlie Manuel is limited with his choices from the pen, but must he call on Franklin so often in crucial situations? This holiday weekend for Phillies baseball was a lot of ups and downs. Rowand and Lieberthal returned from DL, but Lieber managed his way on to it. Phillies looked horrible Friday and Saturday, but played well Sunday and Monday. This team is confusing, but it's the same ol' story. Poor pitching in tight situations, bad situational hitting, an overall lack of "heart"...and last but definitely not least, lousy managing!

Thought: Gavin Floyd is more painful to watch in person than on tv...who would have thought? He's so bad right now, and pretty much has always been. The only reason he's still in the rotation is because he's a former #1 pick. Eude Brito should be given the opportunity to pitch in the rotation because he could be better, but I doubt any worse.



GM-Carson said...

i'm going to disagree with your assessment of 'an overall lack of "heart"...'

there is some truth to this, given the history of this team and certain players, but this team with guys like howard, utley, rowand, victorino have more heart than previous teams. i feel that if this team had a decent pitching staff they would be winning more games, and would be applauded for their "heart."

a good pitching staff makes everything look better...or worse.


GM-Carson said...

My "overall lack of heart" comment was a sediment of year's past. I agree that Utley and Rowand show tremendous heart. I like the way Howard and Victorion play as well, and Myers is a gutsy pitcher. I just feel this team is in such a rut! People over at Beerleaguer seem to think this could be a playoff team...I seem to think they're smoking the herb!


GM-Carson said...

speaking of smoking herb:

my first day on the beach in freeport, this dude walks up with a single conche shell and goes "hey mon, i'm selling shells" and i go "you're not selling shells dude." he smiles and goes, "no mon, but i got lots of doobies" as he pulls out a handful of joints...then he said "charlie manuel is manager of the year and david bell plays with passion"

okay, the last part of that story is false, but the beginning is true...i see a weed=phillies blog in my future...


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