Monday, May 08, 2006

The Rat Is Back

Billy Wagner, or as Pat Burrell allegedly called him the "Rat," come to town tomorrow night, and judging from his comments to the Inquirer this weekend, he still hasn't learned to keep his mouth shut.

Last year, he called out his teammates and questioned their effort while saying the team "ain't got a chance" to make the playoffs. Prophetic words from a guy who blew just enough saves to finish one game back of Houston for the wild card.

This year, the Rat is crying to the paper about his unpopularity with last year's squad (wonder why?), recalling a team meeting where the entire team was against him and Burrell dropped the "rat" on him. He went as far as saying teammates were hoping he would fail. This implies that some Phillies dispised him so much, that they would sacrifice a playoff appearance (and a playoff paycheck) just to see him fail. Unlikely. What is more likely, is that the Rat is a loudmouth, paranoid hick.

Can't wait for the series. 9 in a row, here we go.


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GM-Carson said...

I still dislike Wagner, but his comments were true.