Wednesday, May 24, 2006


That's all we can do from here on out...pray. Please God grant me this one Charlie Manuel!

Manuel is losing games for the Phillies this season with his "retarded hick-like" moves. Since when has Franklin become deserving on 8th inning setup man? Since when do relievers make 100+ pitch, 7 inning outings? Since when do you not use your closer (Gordon) or a man with a sub 1 ERA (Cormier) in a tight ball game? Manuel may be a great guy, and he'd probably be cool to chill with and talk some baseball. However, he is a complete and utter mess when it comes to managing a team...and this is the story of my beloved Phillies.

Thoughts: *Nunez has ZERO rbi's in 52 ab's. *Ryan Howard looks amazingly lazy in the field and unintelligent at bat at times. *Rollins doesn't understand how to hit, the hit streak was luck. Albeit, a ton of luck, but luck nonetheless. *Are these kids praying to Allah, God, or Jesus?


p.s. *Positive Note: Cole Hamels is injured and stratched from start...oh wait, that fricken sucks!


GM-Carson said...

you forgot one of the dumbest moves: pinch running for burrell in a tie game in the 9th when he was on first base. the odds of a double by howard or victorino that roberson could have scored on were slim. if burrell would have been on second, maybe i see it differently, but this is not the first time burrell has been pulled from a game that went extra innings. again, manuel not being able to see how his decisions could affect the game past 1/2 inning.

GM-Carson said...

AND, rhodes threw 7 pitches in the 7th. he can't come out and pitch the 8th? what the hell did we get him for? ughh.


GM-Carson said...

more and more evidence arises proving Manuel to be a less than adequate manager...give him the heave ho'!