Thursday, May 04, 2006

On the Buccos

Ryan Doumit was activated yesterday. The Bucs now have three catchers on the roster (Cota, Paulino, Doumit). Granted, Doumit is going to get some time in RF, but not much with Burnitz taking most of the time. Moreover, Paulino is getting most of the time behind the plate, and playing well, and Cota is Ollie Perez's personal catcher. The Buccos need to do something about their catching situation, specifically decide who their catcher of the near-future is. With Neil Walkers ETA of 2008, Doumit and/or Paulino are expendable, unless Doumit is deemed worthy of a full-time RF job. Problem is, who will know, because he will spend most of this season on the bench.

The rumor the Pirates were dangling Perez and Doumit to the Phillies makes sense. The Phils need a back-up catcher to play ~40% of the time, and Sal Fasano's days are numbered. And Perez? Who knows? The Pirates don't. He doesn't. He went from staff ace to disposable in a little over a year.

What do I think will happen? The are playing Paulino a lot right now because they want to trade him, not Doumit. Doumit is there backup C, part time RF/1B plan for the future. Paulino is a nice player, but truly is disposable and they are merely trying to raise his trade value by making is seem Doumit is the one they are willing to trade.

The Phils, on the other hand, have their solution in AAA in Carlos Ruiz. But these are the Phillies....


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GM-Carson said...

Glad the Buccos held onto Paulino, because he is hitting nicely (.300+ as of August).