Friday, May 19, 2006

Old Milwaukee

"It doesn't get any worse than this"

I'm speaking not only of the 3 game sweep at the hands of the late-charging BeerMakers, but of the awful state of the Phils bullpen and bench.

Old Tom Gordon aside, this pen has been the weakest part of the team this year, and it was proven in the last series. Geoff Geary had a nice 7 games scoreless streak and was the most effective reliever, and he was sent down to AAA! He came back to give a run and 3 hits in his first outing back. Rhodes, Cormi-air, Fults and (ughh) Ryan Franklin have been atrocious. Add to that a struggling Madson and what do you have? A solid bullpen for the Reading Phillies! Time to shake things up, bring up some AAA relievers (there are plenty with sub 2.00 ERA's).

Of course, calling the bullpen the weakest part of the team is insulting to the bench, which has to be the worst in baseball. Alex Gonzales is so bad, he almost overshadows the complete lack of production from guys like Abe Nunez and David Dellucci. Bottom line, Gonzo Must Go! Thank the Hawaiian gods for Shane Victorino.


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GM-Carson said...

"it doesn't get any worse than this", so, very, very true!