Friday, May 19, 2006

Offense Intended

Thanks G.W., you said it all buddy!

My list in no particular order:

*If Hamels is the "Savior" then Madson is the Anti-Christ.

*During the 13 out of 14 hot streak for the Phillies, people were calling for Manuel for Manager of the Year, sort of like Hitler getting Time Magazine's Man of the Year in 1938.

*Chris Duffy and Jody Gerut, who the hell do you guys think you are trying to screw over the Pirates? You are both nobodies and should be thankful that the Buccos suck enough to even give your lame asses a chance.

*Alex S. Gonzalez gets less hits than this blog.

*Ryan Franklin should go back on "the Juice".

*Nunez should give up switch hitting and just stand directly in the middle, that way he'd at least get on base, and not be worthless.

*To the entire Pirates team: wake the hell up, this isn't Triple AAA!

*People need to stop pitching tent every time Bell gets a single or makes a routine play...that's what he's supposed to do idiots!

*Rhodes can hit the road!

*Jim Tracy should do the world a favor and resign.

*Trade Philly's entire bullpen, except Flash, for the Scranton pen.

*Varsho needs to slip Manuel some sleeping pills so that he won't continue to make "retarded hick-like" decisions.

*I'm so pissed off right now that I'm going to Dr. Shambaugh's med school graduation party and starting a fight with him just to release some of this angst!

*If I offended anybody...GOOD!



MRL said...

Carson, I feel your pain! BTW you can link to my board if you would like. I missed the blasted game because of work. What sucks even more is that I have a ticket to when the Brewers are coming to CBP to play the Phils on May 28th (Sunday). Argh! I feel like I just wasted money on my ticket.

Here we go into the Red Sox series, hopefully it won't rain and if it does I hope we score early like we did when the Mets come to town.

MRL said...

Correction it's "came to town," since it's in the past tense. No I'm not a grammer nazi, just correcting myself.