Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Mr. Softy...

becomes Mr. T!

In the comment section of Beerleaguer.com I called Manuel's outburst contrived and said it was grandstanding. But the more I think of it, I believe I am wrong. The word that comes to mind now is desperate. He looked like a frustrated parent who has done everything possible to control some misbehaving children, and has one final last ditch effort to get them in line before he loses it comepletely. I see this as sign #1 that Manuel's days are numbered, and he knows it. If the team doesn't "respond" soon, he may be gone. {I use "respond" because a winning streak would have nothing to do with said tirade, yet would likely get attributed to it.}

The biggest concern still is pitching. Ryan Madson laid another egg last night. For critique, see earlier blog about Gavin Floyd, because I have much the same opinion of Madson. He only throws 2 pitches consistently (fast, change). He has had a lack of velocity with his fastball and his change has not been good enough to make up for it. Like Floyd, he can't find the plate with his curveball, and as I wrote about Floyd, John Marzano talked last night about Madson delivery and why he can't throw the curve for strikes. Hello?! Rich Dubee! Two pitchers, similar problems........only one Cole Hamels.

Alex Gonzalez. Useless. Mental mistake tonight after he made a mental mistake (3-1 DB grounder) against the Buccos. If Manuel really wanted to get tough, he should disciplined that type of unacceptable play, and yanked him out of the game.

Burrell continued his solid, yet unspectacular play this year with an 8th inning homerun of Dontrelle to give the Phils the lead. Now on pace for a .301-54-148. Unclutch, baby.


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GM-Carson said...

Love the sarcasm with the Burrell comment! The dude is a pimp...I stick by my words!