Thursday, May 25, 2006

How low can you go?

How bad has the signing of Nunez to a 2-year contract been? The man never posted an OPS above .700 until last season, while batting in the stacked Cardinals lineup, and it was his "career year" and barely rose about .700. Yet, Gillick decides to throw out a 2 year pact for a marginal player at best, and so far this season horrible player. Nunez's OPS (on base % + slugging %) is an eye-popping .374. Here's a list of other bench players around the league that have a higher batting average...that's right their fricken batting average is better than Nunez's OPS...pathetic.

Bench Buddies: Mike Redmond, Jeff Cirillo, Cody Ross, Matt Diaz, Pablo Ozuna, Todd Greene, Estaban German, and Chris Burke. Not exactly the most stellar list in the world is it?

Thought: I am actually regretting the Phillies streak of winning 13 out of 14 games because that was a charade, a grand illusion, tomfoolery if you will. The Phillies have currently lost 7 out of 8 and are now only 1 game above .500. That lucky string of games at the beginning of May only prolonged the city of Philly's dismal hope of ever ridding itself of Charlie Manuel.


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