Tuesday, May 23, 2006

For No Good Reason

I have no real reason to post right now, but in light of that absolutely magnificent photo of Mickey Morandini Carson posted earlier, I thought it wouldn't hurt to bring back not only Mickey, but his double-play partner in crime, Kevin Stocker.

Is this not one of the creepiest photos ever? Pink shirt, pasty skin, poofy hair... But I shouldn't complain, the man did play a damn good shortstop in '93 AND get us Bobby A in a trade with the D-rays.

About tonight (because I should mention something relevant to present day events...) I will be watching Morocco v. USA in a World Cup warm-up on the main screen, with Phils v. Mets on the second TV, because if I have to focus my attention to Steve Trachsel, the human rain-delay, for 4 freakin' hours, I will go nuts. Combine that with the likelyhood that Gavin Floyd will have more 3 ball counts than Limbaugh has pills, and it makes for a pretty boring and frustrating affair. So boring in fact, I'm watching mainly to see if Chris Coste gets an at-bat....and I printed out the Chris Wheeler Glossary so I can play the Chris Wheeler Drinking Game. The way I see it, 7 innings of drinking to Wheels and I may finally understand what the hell he is talking about...

Go Phils!



GM-Carson said...

Kevin Stocker was a God-send in '93, and then again when he landed us Abreu.

By the way, baseball card pics are the best...where the hell do they get these photos?

GM-Carson said...

I used to call Stocker "hot dog boy" because of his Philadelphia Franks commerical during his "prime"...hahaha, but he really looks like a hot dog in this pic!