Monday, May 08, 2006

Fa-Q Ahh-sole!

Time for the "Big Apple" to fall from the throne atop the NL East. Screw the Mets, screw their players, screw their fans, and more importantly screw Billy Wagner. That's right! He ran his mouth about Houston and now about Philly. The dude doesn't know when the hell to shut up. So, that worm inside of the apple infected it to the left, well, that's Billy Wagner and he's seen better days! Oh yeah, that arrow, the City of Philly: hummin', comin' at cha, and ya know they had to smash ya!

Phillies are on a roll, and I for one would love to see it continue. I can see a difference in the way the team takes the field, swings, throws, and even makes outs! They are playing with some fire, passion, gusto, whatever you call it...they are actually fricken playing baseball, not half-assin' it! Let's Go Phillies!!!


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GM-Carson said...

wow, going back and reading this post makes me want to cry. i actually had optimism about the season at this point...hahaha