Thursday, May 18, 2006

Dude I'm getting a "Dell"ucci

Unfortunately, just like the Dell computers, David Dellucci's homerun wasn't enough. In fact the Phillies lost for the 2nd straight night in the 9th inning...ouch! I know it may only be a 2-game losing streak, but it seems worse than that. I look at the top of the lineup and see Rollins doing completely nothing. I see our bullpen showing their true colors. By the way, Rhodes has walked 12 in 13.2 innings for a 1.90 WHIP...that's a great line for the setup man! The past 2 games against the Brewers reminds me of the Phillies of years past, when the offense would light it up but pitching would fail them, and then the pitching would be on point but the offense would fail to show up. This is how the Phillies hitters end up with good numbers, but never seem to win enough games.

Gonzalez is proving to be worthless. He is 3-31 on the season for a whopping .097 batting average. He needs to be released immediately. Nunez is doing as Corey expected...nothing! So our utility infielders pretty much for lack of better terms, SUCK! Also, our pitchers can't only hit, they can't bunt either. Talk about an automatic out.

*Of Note: Clearwater shortstop Harmon has 17 errors on the season, promote him now! If I sounded disgruntled...I fricken am!



MRL said...

Hey I was about to write the same thing on my blog, but all I wanted to do was rant. Your pretty on mark about the Phils pitching and offence. Even throughout part of the game, when Manual pulled Floyd I wanted to scream "stop pulling our pitcher or pull out the arsenal [Hamels]!" He did neither.

I hope the Phils can drag themselves out of this slump soon, they are a good team and nice talent that isn't being used.

GM-Carson said...

not only do i think gonzales sucks, but no one has mentioned this yet: it was a 3-1 count when he rolled over an outside fastball to the shortstop. that is not the first time he has failed miserably in decidedly hitters counts. he needs to be looking in a zone on 3-1, instead he hits like he's behind 1-2. sign of a truly bad hitter.


MRL said...

By all means, feel free to link me to your blog, I have already done so with yours. :)

The Rev said...

2 games is not a slump.

But if they lose three tonight, that's a slump.

MRL said...

Yeah but it still feels like a slump. Maybe I'm just bummed out by the loss.

GM-Carson said...

From my point of view, and based on previous seasons, this 2 game skid of losing consectively in the 9th does not bode well...slump?!