Thursday, May 11, 2006

Double Vision

My vision has been blurry. Need to refocus. Road trip plans are over. 9 game win streak is over. 10-14 April is over. Now the real season begins.

Here's how I look at it, the Phillies have played horrible baseball and great baseball, now it's time to settle in and play good consistent baseball. By that I mean going on stretches of 6-4 and 7-3, and winning series, because that's what gets a team into the playoffs. Right now they stand at 18-15...not bad. However, the Mets look better, and the Phillies will most likely be playing catch up for the rest of the season. Calling up Cole Hamels and moving Madson to the bullpen is the right move. Assuming Madson shifts back into the bullpen nicely, it only strengthens the pen and the rotation. When Lieberthal returns from the DL possibly letting fan-favorite Sal Fasano go and keeping Ruiz up to use as the backup. Letting Alex Gonzalez, he of 2-25 fame, go on waivers. These are all move that I foresee Gillick making because it appears he may actually have the cajones to do so. Tonight's game, the rubber match, is important. Taking the series from the Mets and bouncing back from that trouncing would make a strong statement.

I'm not letting go of my new found optimism just because of one lousy game.

*Question: which band was more gay, Foreigner or Journey? decide


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Corey said...

to imply that either journey or foreigner are gay is blasphemy. they like to play rock n roll music, drink lots of liquor and cavort with women. i guess instead they should "fight for their right" to free tibet or get "no sleep tl" women are no longer degraded, because that is not gay...