Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Deep Thoughts

Holy Crap...Phillies have won 13 out of 14 games, and are now only 1 back of the front-running Mets. I have a novel idea, let's jump on the Charlie Manuel- Manager of the Year bandwagon...yes, that's the ticket! Hold up, sorry about that, I must have been popping some designer laboratory drugs, because I just flip-flopped my entire view of Manuel.

Ok, I still think Manuel is a poor manger, and my above comments should be read with extreme sarcasm. Manuel's in-game strategy is always questionable. I see errors in his thought process, or lack thereof, nearly every game. Reading other blogs, I am seeing praise thrown upon Manuel for turning the Phillies season around...horse dookie! The man is the same dumbass that lead them to the identical 10-14 April 2 seasons in a row. He may be a great, lovable baseball guy, that would make an excellent hitting coach, bench coach, scout, or roving instructor, I just don't want this half-wit running the team...plain and simple!



GM-Carson said...

apparently to some, when your opinion of the manager changes completely around after a winning streak, that is not flipflopping, that is merely a natural reaction to flip-flopped results...


The Rev said...

You can have links to both of my blogs.


I will post your link on both of them. They both have Phillies content.