Friday, May 05, 2006

"Clash" of the Titans:

Well, not really. The San Franciso Treats vs. the Philadelphia Phollies is far from the Clash of the Titans. That title should be more reserved for bouts between the Bosox and Evil Empire. However, each team is 14-14 (dis)respectively and one obviously will go above .500 in the series.

Sticking with the Clash theme: Should I stay or should I Go? I'm planning on going to Saturday night's game. I have mixed emotions about probably seeing the Chemically Enhanced Superman play for the last time in Philly. Take a deep breath...I used to love Bonds...not so anymore. It'll be interesting to see how the Philly fans respond to him, especially if he hits a homerun, which Madson will probably serve up Saturday night. So, really, should I stay or should I go, because if I go there may be trouble (Phillies lose, Bonds homers), or if I stay it could be double (I break the coffee table watching the Phillies at home, while giving a double homerun game to Bonds) I think I go!


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GM-Carson said...

I remember Bonds launching that absolute bomb during that series.