Friday, May 05, 2006

Cinco de Mayo

In honor of the 5th of May, I am do honoring the late/great Phillie Vincete Padilla. Now, don't get all up in arms, I know he isn't Mexican, but he's South of the Border, so close enough. Anyway, I miss Padilla's switch hitting prowess. Watching Padilla swing the bat from his contact side (right) and power side (left) was truly entertaining, and isn't that the purpose of baseball?! Therefore, on Cinco de Mayo from now on, the AL must relinquish the DH rule, so that Padilla's of the world can show their skills!


*Ronny Paulino has yet to strikeout in his major league career, spanning 37 ab's
*Prince Fielder has 3 sb's...what do Abreu, Utley, and Rollins have?
*Props to Cormier, I still don't really have faith in him, but credit is due!
*Thome is a good guy, and I wished him well...and well he is doing. Through 27 games, he's scored 28 runs, hit 11 hr's, drove in 27, and has a 1.178 OPS (that's scary)...remember strictly DH duty.
*The Phillies are becoming fun to watch again, because they're winning despite idiotic plays (i.e. Fasano's fakeout (watch video below) and Burrell's base running blunder).


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GM-Carson said...

alcohol etilico = grain alcohol...gotta respect the Mexicans!