Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Channeling the Past

For the upcoming series against the Mets I am going to channel the spirits of games and seasons past. Mickey Morandini please come back and help this hapless squad defeat the hated Mets. Phillies of early May please come back and sock it to these free-wheelin' Mets. I know it has only been a week, but I really miss the Phillies that won 13 out of 14 games, that seems so very long ago. Remember 2 of those wins were against the Metropolitans. Bringing back Morandini wouldn't only be awesome because of his goofy-ass face/hair, but we could put him as 3rd base coach and bring back some magic nostalgia.



smialek316 said...

Amen to sticking it to the Mets!! I am from Boston, and you are preaching to the choir.

The Rev said...

Mickey Morandini looks like he did about 5 shots of Jager in a row.

MRL said...

I'm watching this game now in the bottom of the 12th and it seems to go on forever. And wow the Met's fans are annoying, I wish they would shut the fuck up and stop making rude comments.

Oy vey I'm going to a Phils vs. Mets game and I'm sitting in the 300 level. God only knows what its going to be like up there. ::rolls eyes::

Yes make the piss there pants because it's Phillie all the way!