Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Shootin' the Bull

Greg "Bull" Luzinski is a cool guy. He was a hefty player back in the day for the Phillies, and now he hangs out at Citizens Bank Park around Bull's Bar-B-Q. My father-in-law, an avid hunter, watches the hunting shows on tv and saw Luzinski and his son on one of them Saturday morning before we headed to the game. So naturally, Timbo (father-in-law), struck up a conversation with Bull about hunting, not baseball. Bull indulged Timbo, and he looked more than happy to talk about something other than his glory days on the field. We also had an excellent meal at McFadden's before the game, and that's good because the Phillies once again sucked. Overall, the trip was enjoyable, because that ballpark is beautiful. Of note: Aaron Rowand's first at bat back from the DL was awesome to see in person. The crowd gave him a standing ovation for a good minute.

Too bad Ryan Franklin is horrible and is a lost game/homerun surrendered waiting to happen. I know Charlie Manuel is limited with his choices from the pen, but must he call on Franklin so often in crucial situations? This holiday weekend for Phillies baseball was a lot of ups and downs. Rowand and Lieberthal returned from DL, but Lieber managed his way on to it. Phillies looked horrible Friday and Saturday, but played well Sunday and Monday. This team is confusing, but it's the same ol' story. Poor pitching in tight situations, bad situational hitting, an overall lack of "heart"...and last but definitely not least, lousy managing!

Thought: Gavin Floyd is more painful to watch in person than on tv...who would have thought? He's so bad right now, and pretty much has always been. The only reason he's still in the rotation is because he's a former #1 pick. Eude Brito should be given the opportunity to pitch in the rotation because he could be better, but I doubt any worse.


Saturday, May 27, 2006

Here I go again...

to Citizen's Bank Park. I'm excited to go because it will be my father-in-law's first trip to the CIT, and he's a life-long Phillies fan. However, I'm not counting on a win due to the fact that Floyd is pitching and the team is playing sh*tty over the past 2 weeks. This season is unraveling like Weezer's sweater before my eyes.

I actually do have some positives to report: Rowand is off the DL today, and although I strongly doubt that means the Phillies' fortunes will turn around automatically, it at least rids us of Roberson. The next positive I can't believe I'm about to type, but Lieberthal is coming back off the DL early next week too. Fasano and Ruiz actually managed to hits less than Lieby during his absence, although Ruiz did play nice defensively.

Now, this blog wouldn't be complete without a daily complaint about our bumbling manager Charlie Manuel. Charlie's strategies are things of beauty. Really they are, he's got the craft of managing down to a science. Too bad his science project blew up and he failed the 6th grade 2 times!!! Here's one of those nuggets of joys Manuel uses as a strategy: removing Burrell from the game in the 8th or 9th inning for a pinch runner anytime he gets on base. Yes, Burrell is slower than a paraplegic with brake locks on, but his bat is where his value is. This move has come back to haunt the Phillies a few times already this year, and last night and the 16 inning game being prime examples. Roberson has logged 4 important at bats in those 2 extra inning games instead of Burrell. Now, I have no idea if Burrell would have produced or not, but one would think his chances are better than Roberson's. By the way, there is a reason the team desperately searched for an extra outfielder (Dellucci), it's because Roberson can't hit!


p.s. Does anybody else miss the days of Whitesnake?

Thursday, May 25, 2006

How low can you go?

How bad has the signing of Nunez to a 2-year contract been? The man never posted an OPS above .700 until last season, while batting in the stacked Cardinals lineup, and it was his "career year" and barely rose about .700. Yet, Gillick decides to throw out a 2 year pact for a marginal player at best, and so far this season horrible player. Nunez's OPS (on base % + slugging %) is an eye-popping .374. Here's a list of other bench players around the league that have a higher batting average...that's right their fricken batting average is better than Nunez's OPS...pathetic.

Bench Buddies: Mike Redmond, Jeff Cirillo, Cody Ross, Matt Diaz, Pablo Ozuna, Todd Greene, Estaban German, and Chris Burke. Not exactly the most stellar list in the world is it?

Thought: I am actually regretting the Phillies streak of winning 13 out of 14 games because that was a charade, a grand illusion, tomfoolery if you will. The Phillies have currently lost 7 out of 8 and are now only 1 game above .500. That lucky string of games at the beginning of May only prolonged the city of Philly's dismal hope of ever ridding itself of Charlie Manuel.


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Bohemian Manuel

Mama,just lost the game,
Put Franklin in to throw,
First pitch and "Back she goes",
Mama, season has just begun,
But now I've gone and put us 4 games back-
Mama, ooo,Didn't mean to make us lose-
If I'm not back again this time tomorrow-
Carry on,carry on,cuz you'll have better skipper-

Too late,my time has come,
Gillick's breathing down my spine-
Fans complaining all the time,
Goodbye everybody-I've got to go-
Gotta leave you all behind and face the media-
Mama, ooo- I don't want to get fired,
I sometimes wish I'd never been hired at all-

I see a little silhouetto of a man,
Scaramouche,scaramouche it's the ghost of Padilla-
Thunderbolt and lightning-very very frightening me-
SalFasano, SalFasano,
SalFasano SalFasano
SalFasano figaro-a-fu-manchu-
But I'm just a poor boy and nobody loves me-
He's just a poor boy from West Virginia-
Spare him his job from this monstrosity-
Easy come easy go-,will you let me go-
Gillick-a! no-,we will not let you go-let him go-
Gillick-a! we will not let you go-let him go
Gillick-a! we will not let you go-let me go
Will not let you go-let me go
Will not let you go-let me go
Mama mia,mama mia,mama mia let me go-
Montgomery, has a devil put aside for me,for me,for me-

So you think you can stone me and spit in my eye-
So you think you can love me and leave me to die-
Oh baby-can't jump off the bandwagon baby-
Just gotta get out-just gotta get right outta town-

Nothing really makes sense,
Anyone can see,
Nothing really makes sense-,nothing really makes sense to me,

Any way the wind blows out of the Cit....


As Paul Simon Would Sing...

"Where have you gone, Rick Bottalico
Our fans turn their lonely eyes to you
What's that you say, Mr. Manuel
The pen has gone and blown the game away
Hey, hey, hey"

Continuing to stick with Ryan Franklin in game deciding situations is destroying the Phils. Two outs in the 8th, tying run at the plate...not Cormi-air and his 0.64 ERA or Closer Gordon and his 1.45 ERA....no, stick with Franklin and watch the lead evaporate. This type of managerial idiocy cannot continue much longer.



That's all we can do from here on out...pray. Please God grant me this one wish...fire Charlie Manuel!

Manuel is losing games for the Phillies this season with his "retarded hick-like" moves. Since when has Franklin become deserving on 8th inning setup man? Since when do relievers make 100+ pitch, 7 inning outings? Since when do you not use your closer (Gordon) or a man with a sub 1 ERA (Cormier) in a tight ball game? Manuel may be a great guy, and he'd probably be cool to chill with and talk some baseball. However, he is a complete and utter mess when it comes to managing a team...and this is the story of my beloved Phillies.

Thoughts: *Nunez has ZERO rbi's in 52 ab's. *Ryan Howard looks amazingly lazy in the field and unintelligent at bat at times. *Rollins doesn't understand how to hit, the hit streak was luck. Albeit, a ton of luck, but luck nonetheless. *Are these kids praying to Allah, God, or Jesus?


p.s. *Positive Note: Cole Hamels is injured and stratched from start...oh wait, that fricken sucks!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

For No Good Reason

I have no real reason to post right now, but in light of that absolutely magnificent photo of Mickey Morandini Carson posted earlier, I thought it wouldn't hurt to bring back not only Mickey, but his double-play partner in crime, Kevin Stocker.

Is this not one of the creepiest photos ever? Pink shirt, pasty skin, poofy hair... But I shouldn't complain, the man did play a damn good shortstop in '93 AND get us Bobby A in a trade with the D-rays.

About tonight (because I should mention something relevant to present day events...) I will be watching Morocco v. USA in a World Cup warm-up on the main screen, with Phils v. Mets on the second TV, because if I have to focus my attention to Steve Trachsel, the human rain-delay, for 4 freakin' hours, I will go nuts. Combine that with the likelyhood that Gavin Floyd will have more 3 ball counts than Limbaugh has pills, and it makes for a pretty boring and frustrating affair. So boring in fact, I'm watching mainly to see if Chris Coste gets an at-bat....and I printed out the Chris Wheeler Glossary so I can play the Chris Wheeler Drinking Game. The way I see it, 7 innings of drinking to Wheels and I may finally understand what the hell he is talking about...

Go Phils!


Channeling the Past

For the upcoming series against the Mets I am going to channel the spirits of games and seasons past. Mickey Morandini please come back and help this hapless squad defeat the hated Mets. Phillies of early May please come back and sock it to these free-wheelin' Mets. I know it has only been a week, but I really miss the Phillies that won 13 out of 14 games, that seems so very long ago. Remember 2 of those wins were against the Metropolitans. Bringing back Morandini wouldn't only be awesome because of his goofy-ass face/hair, but we could put him as 3rd base coach and bring back some magic nostalgia.


Monday, May 22, 2006


There is a hierarchy of intelligence in this world. And the people who put this little number together, are sitting pretty high on the ol' Totem Pole of Brains.

Enjoy the Chris Wheeler Glossary and be sure to check out the store.


Alex Gonzalez

Congratulations to Alex Gonzalez, who announced his retirement this weekend, after a thirteen year major league career.

Gonzalez was hitting .111 this year for the Phils and was taking a lot of heat from the fans, especially those here at WSBGM's. Now we must direct our ire elsewhere.

The Phils called up UTIL Chris Coste to take his place.


Saturday, May 20, 2006

Uh-oh, better get Maaco!

The Phillies and Pirates need fixed. I don't care if they call upon Mr. Goodwrench, Manny Moe & Jack of the Pep Boys, Tim "the Toolman" Taylor, or the big-dog Bob Villa himself.

The Pirates season has been atrocious, and continues to be. They tease fans with a whopping 2-game winning streak, then proceed to lose, lose, and lose some more. Phillies are like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, because they never play solid, consistent baseball. It's either losing everything or winning everything, where's the middle ground fellas? I'm going on record and predicting a 7 game losing streak for the Phillies. I hope they prove me wrong, but they're not exactly a "rise to the occasion" type team.

Gosh, I am in a negative state of mind. I need to think of something positive...hmm, wait I got it, nope lost it!


p.s. Positive Thought: at least we're not Royals fans!

Friday, May 19, 2006

I'm Wolf Blitzer

Carson is Christiane Amanpour.

Why? Because like CNN, we here at WSBGM's stick to our story. (Unlike CNN, we aren't run by over-the-hill hippies and deliver news with a decidedly left-wing bias, but I digress...)

I feel the need to bring this up because after the Phils' long winning streak, the bandwagon was at maximum capacity. Not since '93 ahve we seen a team like this. Charlie Manuel went from retarded hillbilly to the second coming of Confucius. It was Mardi-Gras in Phillie Town. Then came the Milwaukee Brewers. And so many people got hurt falling off of the wagon, the ER at Thomas Jefferson was on divert.

But don't count us as part of the casualties of a busted bandwagon. Nope, because we don't change our story due to two weeks worth of games. Like a zebra can't change his stripes, here are some things we here at WSBGM's will be saying, regardless of mini-streaks.

* Charlie Manuel is a poor tactition. He loses more games than he wins with his strategy. However, losing streaks are not his fault and winning streaks are not to his credit. Those are due to the players. Managers are hired and fired because of lots of winning and losing for two reasons: losing needs a scapegoat and player (sometimes) respond to change. But as much as we critique Manuel, we here at WSBGM's will never use him as a scapegoat for losing.

* Pat Burrell is a good player. He's not an all-star, but he's close. He probably makes too much money next year (who doesn't?) We think .285-30-100 is good.

* Alex Gonzalez is horrible, and everyday he is on the team is a waste or time, money and space.

* No matter how many "little things" David Bell does, we dont' like him. Everyone is riding the Bell Train of Success right now (he's hitting .279), so much so that he gets praised for fielding routine ground balls. Is this little league? We are not convinced. He'll be back to .260 with no power in a few weeks.

* Chris Wheeler is a tool.

* If you wanted to trade Bobby Abreu, it should have been done within the last two years. His trade value is at an all-time low. His power numbers have never been impressive (over 30 only twice, routinely around 20 a year) and that has continued into this year (only 4.) Yet, he hasn't hit higher than .308 in the last 5 years (currently .273.) Carson likes Abreu more than I, but we both agree he is worth way more to the Phils than anything they can get in a trade right now.

* We value defensive catchers, which is why Mike Liebethal will never be popular here. He is a hitting catcher who doesn't hit much. Coincidence the pitching has improved while he is on the DL? We think not.

* The bullpen and the bench are.....well, see previous blog.


Old Milwaukee

"It doesn't get any worse than this"

I'm speaking not only of the 3 game sweep at the hands of the late-charging BeerMakers, but of the awful state of the Phils bullpen and bench.

Old Tom Gordon aside, this pen has been the weakest part of the team this year, and it was proven in the last series. Geoff Geary had a nice 7 games scoreless streak and was the most effective reliever, and he was sent down to AAA! He came back to give a run and 3 hits in his first outing back. Rhodes, Cormi-air, Fults and (ughh) Ryan Franklin have been atrocious. Add to that a struggling Madson and what do you have? A solid bullpen for the Reading Phillies! Time to shake things up, bring up some AAA relievers (there are plenty with sub 2.00 ERA's).

Of course, calling the bullpen the weakest part of the team is insulting to the bench, which has to be the worst in baseball. Alex Gonzales is so bad, he almost overshadows the complete lack of production from guys like Abe Nunez and David Dellucci. Bottom line, Gonzo Must Go! Thank the Hawaiian gods for Shane Victorino.


Offense Intended

Thanks G.W., you said it all buddy!

My list in no particular order:

*If Hamels is the "Savior" then Madson is the Anti-Christ.

*During the 13 out of 14 hot streak for the Phillies, people were calling for Manuel for Manager of the Year, sort of like Hitler getting Time Magazine's Man of the Year in 1938.

*Chris Duffy and Jody Gerut, who the hell do you guys think you are trying to screw over the Pirates? You are both nobodies and should be thankful that the Buccos suck enough to even give your lame asses a chance.

*Alex S. Gonzalez gets less hits than this blog.

*Ryan Franklin should go back on "the Juice".

*Nunez should give up switch hitting and just stand directly in the middle, that way he'd at least get on base, and not be worthless.

*To the entire Pirates team: wake the hell up, this isn't Triple AAA!

*People need to stop pitching tent every time Bell gets a single or makes a routine play...that's what he's supposed to do idiots!

*Rhodes can hit the road!

*Jim Tracy should do the world a favor and resign.

*Trade Philly's entire bullpen, except Flash, for the Scranton pen.

*Varsho needs to slip Manuel some sleeping pills so that he won't continue to make "retarded hick-like" decisions.

*I'm so pissed off right now that I'm going to Dr. Shambaugh's med school graduation party and starting a fight with him just to release some of this angst!

*If I offended anybody...GOOD!


Thursday, May 18, 2006

Fire Starter?

Maybe, just perhaps, we are the fire starters, the twisted fire starters. Since Corey's post about firing Jim Tracy, they have been playing good baseball, albeit for only 2 and 1/3 games (they are currently beating the Reds 6-2 in the top of the 4th). So maybe, just maybe, we actually lit a fire up under their asses.

The Pirates desperately needed to show some sign of life. They have been a complete mess thus far in the '06 season. Many predicted them to be a much improved team, even dubbing them up-and-coming. However, they have let their fanbase feeling flat and hopeless. Don't fret my pet, if they start turning the season around now, mid-May, it won't be a lost season all together. Now only if we could see less of Burnitz and more of anybody else, hell, bring Tike Redman back! (Just kidding).


Dude I'm getting a "Dell"ucci

Unfortunately, just like the Dell computers, David Dellucci's homerun wasn't enough. In fact the Phillies lost for the 2nd straight night in the 9th inning...ouch! I know it may only be a 2-game losing streak, but it seems worse than that. I look at the top of the lineup and see Rollins doing completely nothing. I see our bullpen showing their true colors. By the way, Rhodes has walked 12 in 13.2 innings for a 1.90 WHIP...that's a great line for the setup man! The past 2 games against the Brewers reminds me of the Phillies of years past, when the offense would light it up but pitching would fail them, and then the pitching would be on point but the offense would fail to show up. This is how the Phillies hitters end up with good numbers, but never seem to win enough games.

Gonzalez is proving to be worthless. He is 3-31 on the season for a whopping .097 batting average. He needs to be released immediately. Nunez is doing as Corey expected...nothing! So our utility infielders pretty much for lack of better terms, SUCK! Also, our pitchers can't only hit, they can't bunt either. Talk about an automatic out.

*Of Note: Clearwater shortstop Harmon has 17 errors on the season, promote him now! If I sounded disgruntled...I fricken am!


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Time to take a look at the Phillies farm system, starting with the hitters.

2003 Draft(round in parethases):
(3) Timothy Moss - 2B -U of Texas - Reading .179 in 117Ab, 48K, 10BB, 3HR, 6SB
(4) Michael Bourn - OF - Houston - Reading .261 in 142AB, 24K, 15BB, oHR, 15SB

2004 Draft:
(1) Greg Golson - OF - Connally HS - Lakewood (Low A) .136 in 140AB, 43K, 11BB, 1HR, 5SB
(2) Jason Jaramillo - C - Ok. State - Reading .221 in 77AB, 15K, 10BB, 0HR

2005 Draft:
(2) Mike Costanzo - 3B - Coastal Carolina - Clearwater (Hi A) .243 in 148 AB, 46K, 12BB, 4HR

Best Hitters by Level:
AAA - Carlos Ruiz C .385-6-18
AAA - Joe Thurston 2B .280-5-16
AA - John Costanzo OF .382-4-15

Wow, pretty weak. Ruiz is in the majors and is best valued as a defensive player anyway. Thurston and Castellano are both former Dodger prospects, hanging on for a shot at a cup of coffee.
The 2003 draft looks bad, the best we can hope for is Bourn as a 5th outfielder/pinch runner. In addition, 5th round pic Javon Moran was traded to Cincinnatti. Greg Golson, the Texas high schooler drafted in '04 has been the talk to Baseball America recently, where they outlined his struggles to convert his athleticism into baseball skill. They also mentioned he is having major problems with his swing, specifically generating power AND contact (which is evident by his 1 homer and 4:1 K to BB ratio.) The 2005 class is low on hitting production so far, as 22 year old, 2nd rounder Costanzo is going for .241 in A ball.

Pitching is up next, I promise better news.


They get knocked down...

but do they get up again? Last night Franklin gift wrapped that game for the Brew Crew, and it was a tough loss. Last week I said it was important to bounce back against the Mets, and thanks to Rowand and THE CATCH, the Phillies did just that. Bouncing back after losses is an indication of a playoff caliber team. The Phillies are still not sure what team they are: good/May or bad/April. Tonight Floyd takes the mound hoping to continue to progress towards securing his spot in the rotation for seasons to come. I'm still not sold on Floyd and I'm still not sold on the Phillies. With that said, I do have optimism that they will win tonight and possibly win yet another series. I want to believe this team is for real, and if they indeed are for real, then winning tonight is once again important.

*Thought: Victorino is filling in wonderfully for the Mafia beatdown-looking Rowand. Offense is struggling, so why not try him leadoff. Rollins is killing the team at the top of the order right now. Jimmy is in one of his seasonal funks where he jams himself or pops up...yuck! Victorino may be just playing himself into a starting role down the road...Especially with rumbles/rumors of an Abreu trade.


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Deep Thoughts

Holy Crap...Phillies have won 13 out of 14 games, and are now only 1 back of the front-running Mets. I have a novel idea, let's jump on the Charlie Manuel- Manager of the Year bandwagon...yes, that's the ticket! Hold up, sorry about that, I must have been popping some designer laboratory drugs, because I just flip-flopped my entire view of Manuel.

Ok, I still think Manuel is a poor manger, and my above comments should be read with extreme sarcasm. Manuel's in-game strategy is always questionable. I see errors in his thought process, or lack thereof, nearly every game. Reading other blogs, I am seeing praise thrown upon Manuel for turning the Phillies season around...horse dookie! The man is the same dumbass that lead them to the identical 10-14 April 2 seasons in a row. He may be a great, lovable baseball guy, that would make an excellent hitting coach, bench coach, scout, or roving instructor, I just don't want this half-wit running the team...plain and simple!


Sunday, May 14, 2006

Tracy Must Go

Fire Jim Tracy Campaign - Day 1

Even though a list isn't necessary:
2)he continues to play JerO-4my Burnitz
3)he's taking a young, moderatley talented team, and doing less with it than Lloyd McClendon
4)he makes poor decisions
5)he's a jerk

For more info on the last two, see Buc's Dugout.

The Watch is on.


One Look Says It All

If Charlie Manuel was my grandpa, I would like him as the Phillies manager. He could get me great seats to the game, seats where the ushers wouldn't hassle me like I was an Iraqi trying to board a plane with a Flavor Flav-sized digital clock around my neck. He could get me all kinds of signed memorabilia to hang in my basement. Yeah, that all would be nice. But Charlie isn't my grandpa, and I don't thnk he's a good manager.

In this moment of jubilation, the Phils sweeping the Reds and winning 12 of 13, I feel I need to add a bit of levity. Because all of the sudden, to some phans, Uncle Charlie, the old retarded hick from the stick has turned into the second coming of Tony LaRussa. Except he doesn't need notebooks full of stats because it's all in his giant Stephen Hawking-like mind. Did you know Charlie Manuel invented the double-switch? It's true. He's a genius.

Here's my point. I've always liked Charlie Manuel as a coach. But I have never liked him as the Phillies manager. Long story short - he makes horrible in-game decisions that cost the Phillies numerous games last year, a season where they missed the playoffs by ONE game. I don't care about intagibles. They mean nothing. You can't measure them. You can measure wins. And he's good for about -5 per year. Some people don't think the decisions a manager makes during the game are important. Those people are idiots. You can't have cause without effect, action without reaction, Captain without Tenille...

So remember, while you figuratively pat Uncle Charlie on the back and congratulate him for turning this season around (the first 20 games of the season were still Larry Bowa's fault....), he's still the guy who messed up two double-switches in the same game and consistently took his starting pitchers out with shutouts because they "gave us 5 good innings" and he didn't want to push it (this only makes sense to Chris Wheeler, apparently.)

Charlie Manuel is not the reason the Phils started out bad. That was due to bad pitching and hitting. He is not the reason they are winning now. That is due to better pitching and hitting. But he could be the reason they lose later, when it counts for more (call it the "Dusty Baker Effect.")

Now, back to writing about how winning is good...


Saturday, May 13, 2006


Corniest headline to date? Probably.

Like all Phillies phans, I am currently man-crushing on Aaron Rowand harder than the wall he ran into. But probably unlike most, when it was announced that he was going on the 15 day DL, I was excited. Why? Shane Victorino, of course.

From the start of this season, I have been on a personal crusade to convince others (err, Carson) that Victorino has the "right stuff" (insert pic of NKOTB here.) At every opportunity, I mention some of Victorino's positive attributes. His solid AAA numbers and International League MVP. His speed, good defense, adequate power, hustle, and most importantly, his double-earflap helmet (note: Victorino used the single flap last year, but after watching game film of Delino Deshields, saw the error in his way.) This switch hitter can't carry two separate helmets, he needs the room in the equipment bag for his giant protective cup.

Since Rowand went out, Big Vic is 6-6, cylcing it with a HR, a 3B, 2 2B, and 3 singles. Combine that with his baserunning against the Mets, and he's having a pretty good week. Especially for a guy who has been Rule V'd twice, as the Padres gave him back to the Dodgers in '03. Tough call San Diego, because this guy ain't no Benny Agbayani.....


Thursday, May 11, 2006

Double Vision

My vision has been blurry. Need to refocus. Road trip plans are over. 9 game win streak is over. 10-14 April is over. Now the real season begins.

Here's how I look at it, the Phillies have played horrible baseball and great baseball, now it's time to settle in and play good consistent baseball. By that I mean going on stretches of 6-4 and 7-3, and winning series, because that's what gets a team into the playoffs. Right now they stand at 18-15...not bad. However, the Mets look better, and the Phillies will most likely be playing catch up for the rest of the season. Calling up Cole Hamels and moving Madson to the bullpen is the right move. Assuming Madson shifts back into the bullpen nicely, it only strengthens the pen and the rotation. When Lieberthal returns from the DL possibly letting fan-favorite Sal Fasano go and keeping Ruiz up to use as the backup. Letting Alex Gonzalez, he of 2-25 fame, go on waivers. These are all move that I foresee Gillick making because it appears he may actually have the cajones to do so. Tonight's game, the rubber match, is important. Taking the series from the Mets and bouncing back from that trouncing would make a strong statement.

I'm not letting go of my new found optimism just because of one lousy game.

*Question: which band was more gay, Foreigner or Journey?...you decide


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Crazy Train

We here at We Should Be GM's are a bit fanatical about baseball, in case you didn't know that already. Anyway, rumor has it that the Phillies may be unleashing Cole Hamels in Cincy on Friday night. If this is true, a road trip may be in order. This isn't any ordinary road trip either, we're talking about 1000 miles round trip and 16+ hours...yikes! But it would lend time for Corey and I to talk about our favorite subject: baseball, and see the MLB debut of a very exciting prospect. Not to mention, I've never been to Cincy and they have a new stadium worth checking out. So, it is undetermined whether we're going or not, but I'm leaning towards the GO!!!


Monday, May 08, 2006

Fa-Q Ahh-sole!

Time for the "Big Apple" to fall from the throne atop the NL East. Screw the Mets, screw their players, screw their fans, and more importantly screw Billy Wagner. That's right! He ran his mouth about Houston and now about Philly. The dude doesn't know when the hell to shut up. So, that worm inside of the apple infected it to the left, well, that's Billy Wagner and he's seen better days! Oh yeah, that arrow, the City of Philly: hummin', comin' at cha, and ya know they had to smash ya!

Phillies are on a roll, and I for one would love to see it continue. I can see a difference in the way the team takes the field, swings, throws, and even makes outs! They are playing with some fire, passion, gusto, whatever you call it...they are actually fricken playing baseball, not half-assin' it! Let's Go Phillies!!!


The Rat Is Back

Billy Wagner, or as Pat Burrell allegedly called him the "Rat," come to town tomorrow night, and judging from his comments to the Inquirer this weekend, he still hasn't learned to keep his mouth shut.

Last year, he called out his teammates and questioned their effort while saying the team "ain't got a chance" to make the playoffs. Prophetic words from a guy who blew just enough saves to finish one game back of Houston for the wild card.

This year, the Rat is crying to the paper about his unpopularity with last year's squad (wonder why?), recalling a team meeting where the entire team was against him and Burrell dropped the "rat" on him. He went as far as saying teammates were hoping he would fail. This implies that some Phillies dispised him so much, that they would sacrifice a playoff appearance (and a playoff paycheck) just to see him fail. Unlikely. What is more likely, is that the Rat is a loudmouth, paranoid hick.

Can't wait for the series. 9 in a row, here we go.


Cole Hamels Update

7 IP 5H 1ER 0BB 10K ND vs Syracuse

3 game totals: 23IP 10H 1ER 1BB 36K


Saturday, May 06, 2006

Juan Gone

A little late on this but better than never, I guess. Jimmy Rollins' leadoff HR broke Juan Samuel's Phillies record to HR to start a game (note: the all-time leader is the greatest of them all, Rickey Henderson....) Sammy is fondly remembered here at WSBGM's, for his double play combo with Steve Jeltz, his unorthodox throwing motion to first and his fine batting skills. Sammy now is the 3B coach for the Detriot Tigers, and hopefully will be Bill Dancee's replacement shortly. Here's to you, Jaun.


Friday, May 05, 2006

Cinco de Mayo

In honor of the 5th of May, I am do honoring the late/great Phillie Vincete Padilla. Now, don't get all up in arms, I know he isn't Mexican, but he's South of the Border, so close enough. Anyway, I miss Padilla's switch hitting prowess. Watching Padilla swing the bat from his contact side (right) and power side (left) was truly entertaining, and isn't that the purpose of baseball?! Therefore, on Cinco de Mayo from now on, the AL must relinquish the DH rule, so that Padilla's of the world can show their skills!


*Ronny Paulino has yet to strikeout in his major league career, spanning 37 ab's
*Prince Fielder has 3 sb's...what do Abreu, Utley, and Rollins have?
*Props to Cormier, I still don't really have faith in him, but credit is due!
*Thome is a good guy, and I wished him well...and well he is doing. Through 27 games, he's scored 28 runs, hit 11 hr's, drove in 27, and has a 1.178 OPS (that's scary)...remember strictly DH duty.
*The Phillies are becoming fun to watch again, because they're winning despite idiotic plays (i.e. Fasano's fakeout (watch video below) and Burrell's base running blunder).


"Clash" of the Titans:

Well, not really. The San Franciso Treats vs. the Philadelphia Phollies is far from the Clash of the Titans. That title should be more reserved for bouts between the Bosox and Evil Empire. However, each team is 14-14 (dis)respectively and one obviously will go above .500 in the series.

Sticking with the Clash theme: Should I stay or should I Go? I'm planning on going to Saturday night's game. I have mixed emotions about probably seeing the Chemically Enhanced Superman play for the last time in Philly. Take a deep breath...I used to love Bonds...not so anymore. It'll be interesting to see how the Philly fans respond to him, especially if he hits a homerun, which Madson will probably serve up Saturday night. So, really, should I stay or should I go, because if I go there may be trouble (Phillies lose, Bonds homers), or if I stay it could be double (I break the coffee table watching the Phillies at home, while giving a double homerun game to Bonds)...so I think I go!


Thursday, May 04, 2006

Play of the Year

Sal, you are one big dumb animal.


On the Buccos

Ryan Doumit was activated yesterday. The Bucs now have three catchers on the roster (Cota, Paulino, Doumit). Granted, Doumit is going to get some time in RF, but not much with Burnitz taking most of the time. Moreover, Paulino is getting most of the time behind the plate, and playing well, and Cota is Ollie Perez's personal catcher. The Buccos need to do something about their catching situation, specifically decide who their catcher of the near-future is. With Neil Walkers ETA of 2008, Doumit and/or Paulino are expendable, unless Doumit is deemed worthy of a full-time RF job. Problem is, who will know, because he will spend most of this season on the bench.

The rumor the Pirates were dangling Perez and Doumit to the Phillies makes sense. The Phils need a back-up catcher to play ~40% of the time, and Sal Fasano's days are numbered. And Perez? Who knows? The Pirates don't. He doesn't. He went from staff ace to disposable in a little over a year.

What do I think will happen? The are playing Paulino a lot right now because they want to trade him, not Doumit. Doumit is there backup C, part time RF/1B plan for the future. Paulino is a nice player, but truly is disposable and they are merely trying to raise his trade value by making is seem Doumit is the one they are willing to trade.

The Phils, on the other hand, have their solution in AAA in Carlos Ruiz. But these are the Phillies....


A Win Despite

Whether lucky or good, a three game winning streak feels pretty fine. However, manager Charlie Manuel continues to make questionable decisions.

First, he PH David Bell against Smoltz, desite Bell's horrid stats against him because he wanted to pull the double switch. But he did have a switch-hitting Victorino with whom he could have hit, left in LF for Delluci. This would have put the the pitcher's spot due 6th instead of eighth, but it would have put three switch hitters into the lineup (Rollins, Nunez, Victorino) and still left Bell, Burrell and Gonzalez to hit PH later in the game.

His second mistake came in the 8th inning. With a runner on second and two outs and Ryan Franklin on the mound, Uncle Charlie walked LH Adam LaRoche intentionally rather than bring in a LHP (Cormier, Rhodes) to face him. The next batter Francoeur delivered a run scoring hit. Then Charlie brought in Cormier to get out of the inning. To be fair, Rhodes may not have been available, but Cormier, who is on a hot streak to start the year, obviously was. Ryan Franklin is not a dependable shut-down set-up man and he needs to stop being used that way.


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Mr. Softy...

becomes Mr. T!

In the comment section of Beerleaguer.com I called Manuel's outburst contrived and said it was grandstanding. But the more I think of it, I believe I am wrong. The word that comes to mind now is desperate. He looked like a frustrated parent who has done everything possible to control some misbehaving children, and has one final last ditch effort to get them in line before he loses it comepletely. I see this as sign #1 that Manuel's days are numbered, and he knows it. If the team doesn't "respond" soon, he may be gone. {I use "respond" because a winning streak would have nothing to do with said tirade, yet would likely get attributed to it.}

The biggest concern still is pitching. Ryan Madson laid another egg last night. For critique, see earlier blog about Gavin Floyd, because I have much the same opinion of Madson. He only throws 2 pitches consistently (fast, change). He has had a lack of velocity with his fastball and his change has not been good enough to make up for it. Like Floyd, he can't find the plate with his curveball, and as I wrote about Floyd, John Marzano talked last night about Madson delivery and why he can't throw the curve for strikes. Hello?! Rich Dubee! Two pitchers, similar problems........only one Cole Hamels.

Alex Gonzalez. Useless. Mental mistake tonight after he made a mental mistake (3-1 DB grounder) against the Buccos. If Manuel really wanted to get tough, he should disciplined that type of unacceptable play, and yanked him out of the game.

Burrell continued his solid, yet unspectacular play this year with an 8th inning homerun of Dontrelle to give the Phils the lead. Now on pace for a .301-54-148. Unclutch, baby.