Thursday, April 06, 2006

Who's Your Favorite Little Rascal?

Good ol' Mike "Spanky" LaValliere. Played 6 games as a rookie with the Phillies then went on to fame with the Pirates. I'd take his bowling ball body over that non-producing piece of crap catcher the Phillies have right now. Seriously, how many times has Lieberthal been up in his career with the bases loaded and crapped the bed? Charlie "from Mayberry" Manuel, use a pinch hitter for him!!! Pirates on the other hand actually look set at catcher for the time being with Cota, Doumit, and N. Walker on the way.

Well, it's been a horrendous start to the season in PA. The "State" has a 0-5 record...ouch! Can't say that this bodes well for the rest of the season. I know they've only played 5 games, but not having a win between them *hoovers (*nice way of saying sucks). I don't have much positive to say right now, so I'm keeping most of my thoughts quiet....NOT: Win an f'n game already!!!!!!! I know the Cardnials are probably the best team in the NL, but if the Phillies are going to contend this year, then they need to beat them. The Brew Crew on the other hand are not a top tier team, a rising team yes, but not top of the head, so the Pirates should not be getting swept by them at the beginning of the season.


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GM-Carson said...

spanky is the man!