Monday, April 10, 2006

Today was a good day...

Well, actually it was yesterday, and it really wasn't all that great. The Buccos and Phillies finally got off the schneid and won a game. It had been much better if the Phillies swept the double header. However, Charlie Manuel decided to play every bench player in the 2nd game and practically hand the game to the Dodgers...good going!!! Seriously, what the heck was Manuel doing? I understand sitting Lieberthal and Bell for the 2nd game, I'd sit them most of the time. But putting Howard, Burrell, and Rowand on the bench too? I truly believe Manuel is a horrible manager and will cost the Phillies more than a handful of games this season. Yes, the players are responsible for producing, but Manuel makes horrible decisions that lead to losses. I want to be optimistic and believe the Phillies and Pirates actually have a shot this season, but they don't. The Pirates are still a maturing team a year or two away from contention. The Phillies are an aging team, slowly slipping back down to sub .500 land...far from playoffs.

Here is some things to think about: *David Bell has more errors (2) than base hits (1). *Why would Ryan Howard sit against a righty (Penny) or need a break this early in the season? If they were worried about him wearing down, then they shouldn't have played him every spring training game. * Alex Gonzalez is still hitless. *The Phillies were one of the best fielding clubs in recent seasons, now to have it all fall apart this season (6 games 7 errors, plus numerous miscues that don't appear in box scores). *The Phillies were officially the last team to win a game this season (Pirates eked out their win minutes before the Phillies on Sunday). *The Phillies have scored the lowest amount of runs (21) for teams playing 6 games.


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GM-Carson said...

august 2- manuel still the manager, still making poor decisions.