Thursday, April 27, 2006

Split Personalities

Wow, can a baseball cards get much cornier than this? Seriously, is this Mike Williams' high school senior picture? Nice 'stache douche bag!

Anyway, I am constantly pondering how to fix the Phillies and Pirates, and I think I have a good idea. Mike Williams was down right horrible for the Phillies in 2 separate stints (beginning and end of career), but he was a decent closer for the Buccos, especially in '92 (46 saves, 130 overall). So here is my "good idea", get rid of the bad Mike Williams from the Phillies (i.e. Geary, Santana, Cormier) and add more quality Mike Williams to the Pirates. This is just another classic case of split personality.

Thoughts: *Power hitting prospect Brad Eldred out for 4 months...not good! *Phillies are getting some excellent starting and relief pitching from every level of their minor league system (Thome trade is looking good for both clubs). *Gavin Floyd, as stated by Corey in the previous blog, is not a MLB pitcher. He needs to go, enough with giving this headcase chances. *Pirates are pitiful, can't believe they are playing this badly. I actually had visions of improvement this season. *Phillies finally made a roster move, albeit Clay Condrey. *Looks like another losing April for the Phillies.