Saturday, April 29, 2006

So What'cha Want?

Now, here's a little story I'd like to tell,
About a team that you all know so well,
It started way back in history,
and the team still continues in futility!

That team being the Philadelphia Phillies. They have a long, long, long history of losing baseball. People talk about the "curse" of the Bosox, Chisox, and Cubs...well, what the hell do they call what the Phillies are experiencing? Misery!!!

The Phillies front office needs to "check their heads" because whatever they think is going work, wont! The current roster has proven time and time again that it will not get the job done. That job being a playoff berth. For example, the Phillies rarely take advantage of lesser competition or pitching. The trend over the past 3-4 seasons is that if a pitcher is struggling or is a no-name, he will appear to be an all-star versus the Phillies (Ian Snell & Billy Traber this season, and many others from years past). Corey and I have previously stated that Gavin Floyd is not a major league pitcher...I retract that statement. Gavin Floyd would be a Cy Young hopeful if he pitched every game against the Phillies.

So What'cha Want?:
1. A real manager, who has an actual strategy. Not a hard-ass (Bowa), and not your uncle/pal (Manuel).
2. A catcher who can call a game and has defensive tools, hitting is not as important from the catching position. Fasano and Lieberthal aren't the answer. Did somebody say Carlos Ruiz?
3. A 3rd baseman. Bell sucks, plain and simple, sucks!
4. A lineup that actually produces. If you look at the stats, they are misleading. Howard, Burrell, Abreu, Utley, Rowand, and even Lieby all seem to be having decent years...but they don't hit when it counts. They all manage to get hits when with nobody on or when there is already 2 outs. The Phillies are the kind of club who can knock out 12 hits in a game and only score 2 runs.
5. I want hope! This team leaves me feeling desperate, faithless, hopeless, depressed, drained, broken hearted, miserable, and the list continues!

Notes: *Chris Booker has 24 K's in 12 I.P. in the minors. *J-Roll has looked awful of late! He seems to have it figured out then goes back to popping every pitch up...disgusting! *Phillies are wasting a golden opportunity with the easy schedule they have. *The Mets have already won the NL East.



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GM-Carson said...

thank goodness we didn't keep booker, hell KC didn't even keep him!