Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Oh, so painful!

"Ouch, that fricken hurt!" I'm sure that's what Andy Van Slyke thought as he roamed CF for the Buccos back in the late 80's/early 90's while passing kidney stones. That's right, the dude was tough. I remember reading in a magazine how he used to fight back tears while he passed a kidney stone during a game. Now that's what I call a "tuff nut"! The Pirates could use him right now too, as they're struggling out the gate to a 4-11 record. Ouch...that's painful too!

Not all is bad in Pirateland though, Craig Wilson is getting the chance to play and killin'. It'll be interesting to see what Tracy does with C. Wilson when the "Mayor" comes back to town. The young pitching staff are suffering their share of poor outings right now too. Keep in mind the opportune word being "young". Duke, Snell, Maholm, and Perez have a lot of learning to do as pitchers and will mature as the season progresses. No, the Pirates aren't going to contend this season and are still going to be a sub .500 club. However, they could be a surprise team in the 2nd half of the season much like the Rockies last year and the Indians a few seasons ago. By the way, Jason Bay hasn't unleashed yet this season, and when he does the offense will look completely different.


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GM-Carson said...

Bay did end up hitting finally, but things stayed bad in Pirateland.