Friday, April 07, 2006


As depressing as it gets. That's the only way to describe the start of the baseball season here in Pennsylvania. The Buccos are 0-4 and the Phils are 0-3. Von Hayes would never have let this happen. But who's O-fer is worse?

The Buccose are nil-four, with all losses coming on the road and two of them coming by only one run, and in the game with the largest margin of victory (3) they lead going into the ninth inning. They have a young pitching staff. Three of the 4 starters so far have never started the season in a major league rotation. In addition, because I live in the Harrisburg area and do not have the MLB package on the dish, I haven't seen any of the games, so I have to the give the young Pirates the benefit of the doubt.

What I have seen is the Phillies debacle. Even though the Cardinals are the NL favorites, the Phils O-fer is worse because 1)the games were played at home 2)the opening day loss was by 8 3)3 veteran starters worked a combined 13.1 innings 4) the lack of clutch hitting seems to have carried over from the last 3 years.

However, today I'm feeling positive. I don't think the Buccos or Phils will go 0-162. The Pirates will get better as the season progresses, as Axl Rose would say, "All we need is just a little patience." The Phils get LA, ATL, COL, WAS, FLA, COL next. The will win 5 of those 6 series. They ran into a Cardinals buzzsaw: offensive explosion in game 1, tought lefty in game 2, and a rejuvinated Jason Marquis in game 3 (Phils hit it hard early, but he was as tough as I've seen him in years). I see Fasano playing more, stictly for defensive purposes. I see Nunez getting more time at third versus RHP and batting second, moving Rowand down to the 7/8 slot. The offense will start to score runs, despite the back end of the lineup, because the top is the problem right now. Our number two hitters, Rowand and Nunez, OBP are .273 and .167. Rollins' OBP is .233, so I think the end of Rollins' hit streak will benefit the team, as he ~should~ be looking at more pitches and drawing more walks (zero in 12 AB), getting on base more for the middle of the order.

I know, it's early, and that's my point. You can't win the pennant in the first month, but you can lose it. But you can't do anything in the first week except panic and I'm not about to do that. If the Phils are swept by LA and the Buccos are swept by CIN, I'll consider it.


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