Monday, April 10, 2006

A [Long] Day at the Park

I spent over 8 hours at the ballpark yesterday, and here are some my thoughts:
- First off, I want to thank the Phillies box office for their incompetence. When we traded in Saturday's tickets for Sunday's game, the tickets STILL said Saturday. This we found out only when we tried to enter the park. The result, another trip to the ticket window, worse seats, and missing the first inning (which wasn't a bad thing, considering the Phils D in the top of the first).
- Dollar Dog Day is fantastic. A++ for the rotating onion machine too. The same cannot be said for the mustard dispensers though. Half were out of mustard by the second inning and the one's that weren't delivered the mustard at an unacceptably slow pace. Poor form, condiment managers.
- Madson showed nice poise in game one. The last time he started consistently was in the minors, and considering the AAA lineup that the Dodgers roll out, that might explain his comfort level yesterday.
- David Bell had a good first game. 0-4 with 3 LOB, but no strikeouts, putting the ball in play all three times. He does all the little things....
- Aaron Rowand collects two hits in the first game. He looked to carry that momentum into game number two, but had to wait until the 9th inning to get in the game.
- Burrell rested in game two. Given the uncertainty of his durability, we might see Dellucci in LF more often, which would sicken me. I was okay with trading Rod Tejeda to get Dellucci, but not if it means he is our starting LF. The guy is batting <.250 over the last 4 years, with 2 of those years coming in hitter friendly Arlington Stadium while batting in front of Soriano, Blalock, Teixeira, and Young.
- The Phillies and Citizens Band Park management need to re-train there ushers. Most fans, I am ashamed to write, left after the first game. The staium was about 20% full after 4 innings of game 2, with most of those fans in the outfield and upper deck seats. This was because stadium security refused to allow spectators to move into the lower level seats, despite entire SECTIONS of empty seats. The area behind the visitor's dugout was particularly sparce. Very disappointing.
- All those "fans" leaving early didn't improve my seat, but the drive back 76 sure was a lot easier. Thank you, pseudo-fans.
- One HR in two games. Those 5 feet in LF really do make a difference.
- The Phils lost game two to a Dodgers team that collected 15 hits while having Rickey Ledee batting clean-up, James Loney batting 5th, and a 40 year old catcher. My fellow blogger said the Phils "gave away" game two with their lineup, but it looks like the Dodgers pretty much did the same thing. I guess the Phillies just wanted to lose more.....


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GM-Carson said...

the new left field dimensions have made a slight difference.