Friday, April 21, 2006

In Typical Phillies Phassion

I went to the Nationals-Phils game last night with a friend of mine and had a disheartening experience. We had tickets for the upper deck between third base and the left field foul poul. Not good seats, but the price was right. Before the first pitch, we noticed that there were empty sections in the upper deck area closer to area between the dugout and home plate (sections ~420-422 if you are familiar with the Cit), so we decided to move for a decidedly better view. However, despite the almost complete emptiness of the the section, the gentlemanly usher told us we could not sit there, because it was not our section. I asked him why and he said because they were very expensive seats (upper deck!) and we cannot use seats that we did not pay for. After I showed him my ticket and explained that my seat was the exact same price just 4 sections down, he told my friend and me that we simply couldn't sit there and that "people like you that try to do this are the type of people that shouldn't even come to the ballpark" and that we shoud be "ashamed" of ourselves. I told the usher that it was people like him associated with the Phillies that keeps people away from the ballpark.

Luckily for us, another usher overheard our complaining as we exited the upper deck. When we told the whole story to him, he offered us seats in a much more expensive section as apology for the treatment we recieved. We ended up with good seats and although the game was horrible, had a good time the rest of the game. However, I will think twice before I head back to Citizens Bank Park, it's alot friendlier in my own living room.


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GM-Carson said...

Just like the singer Usher, that usher at the CIT is an assbag!