Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Gavin Floyd Experiment....

is over.

At this time, the Rockies are beating the Phils 4-0 in the second inning, mainly due to complete incompetence on the part of Gavin Floyd.

But this is nothing new, Floyd has been a disappointment, going from highly touted first round draft pick to now, when his value is so low, I doubt the Phils could trade him to Pittsburgh for Ronny Paulino. The reason, Floyd has not shown the physical ability, let alone the maturity and toughness, to be a major league pitcher.

Physically, he obviously is/was gifted. His fastball has average velocity, sitting at 89-91 tonight. His curveball is a sharp-breaking 11-7 yacker that often leaves right handed hitters bailing or bending their knees. His changeup....well, rumor is he has one, but not many have seen it. The problem is, he cannot control any of these pitches. Because of a lack of control, he walks a lot of hitters, and batters sit on his fastball. And his reluctance to throw a changeup is based on his lack of control. A change is innefective when batters will not chase balls out of the zone and are sitting dead red. I feel his lack of control is related to an inconsistent delivery. He often times changes his arm angle, causing his pitches to be released at different points. The second major problem with Floyd is his composure, difficult situations, poor umpiring, etc. bother him. Acceptable behavior for a rookie...

Floyd struggled last year, was sent to the minors, and wasn't much better. His numbers in S/WB looked like this: 6-9 6.16era 97k 66bb. He has been conistently bad over the last 2 years, and it is time to get him out of the rotation until he proves he can be successful at least in AAA. Might as well give Ryan Franklin a shot, or get Miguel Asecio back, he looks like Cy Young.


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GM-Carson said...

floyd sucks, plain and simple.