Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Diggin' Holes

Wow...Holy Crap...You gotta be kidding me!!! The Pirates and Phillies are digging themselves into unfillable holes to begin the season. It really hurts to watch these teams. I love the Phillies so very much, and root for the Buccos. Therefore, I'm used to getting my heart broken every season. However, I never expected it to start out this painful. I want to think that each team is going to magically turn it around and string together a series of wins, but I just don't see that happening right now. The Phillies are horrible with men on base...actually horrible probably isn't a strong enough word to describe how utterly pathetic they have been in those situations. Manuel may be a poor coach, and he is, but the players need to start producing. As for the Pirates...well, they are young and still developing, but they too need to pick it up.

I'd like to have something funny or positive to say right now, but I don't. So, just like my favorite announcer of all time, Whitey, I'm going to just say "They stink!", and then sit here and wait for something good to happen...could be waiting for quite some time.


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GM-Carson said...

I was completely dead on in this digging a hole scenario. Buccos are wasted for the season, and Phils have faltered.