Friday, April 14, 2006

Big Pimpin'

I'm addicted to blogging, both posting and reading. In some Phillies blogs I have noticed an uprising in Pat Burrell bashers. People are claiming that the man ain't clutch, or that he strikes out too much or misplays too many balls and in essence hurts the team. This is pure lunacy. I will say that for 2 seasons I was all over Pat Burrell, and deservingly so (2003-04 weren't so great). However, his 2002 and 2005 seasons were excellent, and I'm expecting much of the same this season. No, he isn't Manny Ramirez or Jason Bay, but he is one of the top LF's in all of baseball, so all his nay-sayers need to back on up and give the man his due. He will hit homeruns, drive in plenty of runs, strikeout 150+ times, play solid defense, and scare baserunners with his rifle arm. Pat Burrell is a straight up pimp, in his professional and personal lives. And for those who think he hurts the Phillies, then I guess you're willing to hand back all those Rbi's from last season then right?...thought not!

Things to think about: *I for one liked the David Dellucci trade, but is he really going to help the Phillies? *Alex Gonzalez, Shane Victorino, Abe Nunez, and previously mentioned Dellucci on paper should be a far better bench for the Phillies, but when the hell are they going to produce? *Ryan Franklin is being over used. If Manuel continues to march him out to the mound and such a frequent rate, then expect more homeruns. *Ryan Howard needs to relax. The whole world knows he can hit, so he doesn't have to prove it on pitches 6+ inches off the plate!

By the way, I whipped up a batch of my "Recipe for Disaster" and was miraculously visited by the ghost of Whitey last night. He told me to chill on my warlock like brews and just invite Lieberthal, Bell, and Manuel over for a Royal Rumble handicap match. I'm pretty sure the tag team of Dr. Corey and Mr. Carson could kick their asses!


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GM-Carson said...

Burrell is a pimp! People love to bash him, and he does have problems, far from the complete player, but his OPS as of August is about 50 points higher than Abreu's.