Thursday, March 30, 2006

Without "Marsh"mallow there is no S'more

Tom Marsh you are my hero! You were a balls-to-the-wall style outfielder back in the day. Too bad you were picked up by the Rockies and vanished into "thin air".

Anyway, I have to say I'm a bit ticked off. The Phillies essentially gave Vincente Padilla away to the Rangers, because they just released Ricardo Rodriguez, the player acquired via trade. I can't believe the Phillies couldn't have swung a deal for a reliable reliever or at least a bench player that could stick on a major league roster. In hindsight, I would much rather go into another season with Padilla than Franklin. I know Corey and I bash Ryan Franklin, but really, he deserves it. Franklin has been caught using banned substances, and has had a +5 ERA at SafeCo...that's really flippin' bad!

I'm getting antsy here waiting for the season! I think I'll go burn some Joe Carter baseball cards in order to ward off any mean spirited omens for the upcoming season.


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GM-Carson said...

It's August 2nd now, and I still want Padilla back, DUI and all.