Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Lain less traveled

The Phillies need some attitude and pop in their lineup. Schu and Jeltz would be great additions, but let's not be too quick to forget the all-powerful Wes Chamberlain. The dude is about to be 40, and probably still has the body of a linebacker, so sign him up to a minor-league deal and watch him produce Julio Franco-style. Ok, enough with the fun, time for business. The Phillies are in need of something, a lot of somethings! This is the first season in quite some time I haven't been optimistic, and that may be a good thing. I actually believe that the Buccos might be the better PA team this season. At least they have a 3rd sacker. What the heck do the Phillies have? Oh, that's right, David Bell, Abe Nunez, and Alex Gonzalez...not good in other terms. I don't want to blame all the Phillies' struggles on their lack of production from the hot corner, but I'm going to. While I'm ranting...bring back Kim Batiste!



GM-Carson said...

Wes Chamberlain remains one of my favs for some odd reason.

Anonymous said...

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