Tuesday, March 28, 2006

If the Schu fits....

What's the over/under of games...no, innings...played by David Bell before Chris Wheeler says something to the effect of "he does all the little things." I'm betting on 4, because Wheels is on radio for the first three innings. And just because a lack of batspeed caused Bell to hit a 2-0 fastball on the ground to the second baseman and there just happened to be a man on second base, does not mean he did a good job moving up the runner, it means he a horrid 3rd sacker who went for .261-10-61. Last year, he hit .400 versus LHP but pounded out a .199 against RHP. His back makes him an old 33. And after they move the fences back at the Brick Cit House, his HR totals should dip to 7......precisely the number of HR hit by Abraham Nunez, one of the players brought in as security for Bell's back, in the last 2 years combined. The same Abe Nunez who played 7 years with the Buccos, never hit over .262-4-35, but deserved multi-years and multi-millions because Tony LaRussa said so?

The Phils should have done one of three things: 1)Dump Bell. Eat his salary. Gillick could pass it off as a "Wade mistake." Signed or traded for a decent (or at least better than Bell third baseman). I would have settled for Joe Randa! 2)signed/trade for a REAL backup, for instance Wes Helm, Rob Mackowiak (.272-9-58, plays everywhere, bats L so great for platoon, drives under the influence, Pale Hoes got him for Marte, might have taken Padilla?) or Tony Batista (sure he can't hit over .240, but he could hit 25 our of the Cit easily.) 3)find Rick Schu and that sweet Fu Manchu.