Friday, March 31, 2006

Bullpen "Tek"nicality

Bring back the submarine. Bring back those tinted glasses. Bring back the glory days of a man with a rubber arm. Bring back Kent Tekulve, the reliable Pirates and Phillies pitcher in the 70's and 80's. The Pirates bullpen looks ok this season, but I know the Phillies could use the help. Put it this way, would you rather watch a guy almost hit his knuckles on the ground while recording outs (Tekulve), or a guy lob up pitch after pitch while recording NO outs (Cormier)? I think you get my point.

In other news, it looks like Gavin Floyd made the rotation. He was very impressive this spring, now hopefully the translates into success during the regular season. If the Phillies put Madson in the rotation as the #4 starter and shove Franklin into the bullpen, then it looks like Gillick finally made a smart decision. Now, what to do with the Pie-Guy? Tomas Perez is a waste as a player anymore. However, I believe he would make an excellent coach...Guillen-esque. As far as the bench goes, Chris "Coast" will most likely make the opening day roster as a 33-year old rookie, while backing up the corner infield positions and catcher. Now, hopefully Bell finds his way to the DL and doesn't manage to get off of it the entire season. The Pirates sent Jose Bautista down to Triple much would the Phillies love to have him at 3rd, instead of the rather ugly conglomerate of poor souls they'll march out there this season?



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GM-Carson said...

Tek could still help the Bucs and Phils bullpen!