Friday, March 31, 2006

Bullpen "Tek"nicality

Bring back the submarine. Bring back those tinted glasses. Bring back the glory days of a man with a rubber arm. Bring back Kent Tekulve, the reliable Pirates and Phillies pitcher in the 70's and 80's. The Pirates bullpen looks ok this season, but I know the Phillies could use the help. Put it this way, would you rather watch a guy almost hit his knuckles on the ground while recording outs (Tekulve), or a guy lob up pitch after pitch while recording NO outs (Cormier)? I think you get my point.

In other news, it looks like Gavin Floyd made the rotation. He was very impressive this spring, now hopefully the translates into success during the regular season. If the Phillies put Madson in the rotation as the #4 starter and shove Franklin into the bullpen, then it looks like Gillick finally made a smart decision. Now, what to do with the Pie-Guy? Tomas Perez is a waste as a player anymore. However, I believe he would make an excellent coach...Guillen-esque. As far as the bench goes, Chris "Coast" will most likely make the opening day roster as a 33-year old rookie, while backing up the corner infield positions and catcher. Now, hopefully Bell finds his way to the DL and doesn't manage to get off of it the entire season. The Pirates sent Jose Bautista down to Triple much would the Phillies love to have him at 3rd, instead of the rather ugly conglomerate of poor souls they'll march out there this season?


Thursday, March 30, 2006

Without "Marsh"mallow there is no S'more

Tom Marsh you are my hero! You were a balls-to-the-wall style outfielder back in the day. Too bad you were picked up by the Rockies and vanished into "thin air".

Anyway, I have to say I'm a bit ticked off. The Phillies essentially gave Vincente Padilla away to the Rangers, because they just released Ricardo Rodriguez, the player acquired via trade. I can't believe the Phillies couldn't have swung a deal for a reliable reliever or at least a bench player that could stick on a major league roster. In hindsight, I would much rather go into another season with Padilla than Franklin. I know Corey and I bash Ryan Franklin, but really, he deserves it. Franklin has been caught using banned substances, and has had a +5 ERA at SafeCo...that's really flippin' bad!

I'm getting antsy here waiting for the season! I think I'll go burn some Joe Carter baseball cards in order to ward off any mean spirited omens for the upcoming season.


Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Randy Johnson is my dad.....

He's not. Some do call me the Big Unit though...

Anyways, four more days until the start of the season and a few questions remain unanswered for the Phightins and the Buccos.

The most intriguing question is the 5th starter spot. In Pittsburgh, the fight is between Phillies reject Brandon Duckworth and Victor Santos. In this epic lose-lose situation, go with youth in Santos ahead of the proven loser Duckworth. In Philadelphia, the 4 an 5 spots are up for grabs between three guys, Madson, Franklin and Floyd. Compared to Franklin, Madson and Floyd are younger, have had better springs, have never testing positive for steroids, and can throw the ball faster than Jamie Moyer.....

Speaking of Moyer, over in the Burgh Oliver Perez is rolling his 4-seamer up to the plate at a steady 88 mph. Even Josh Fogg thinks he's lost his juice.....

Will David Bell start the year on the DL? I sure as hell hope so....

When will Craig Wilson get traded and to/for who? Latest rumor is to the Braves for John Thomson. I don't like it. He's old. Buccos have plenty of young starters waiting for a chance (Sean Burnett). The lack of a "p" in his name bothers me. And JerOmy Burnitz will be hurt soon anyway, putting Wilson's mullet back in RF where it belongs.


The Lain less traveled

The Phillies need some attitude and pop in their lineup. Schu and Jeltz would be great additions, but let's not be too quick to forget the all-powerful Wes Chamberlain. The dude is about to be 40, and probably still has the body of a linebacker, so sign him up to a minor-league deal and watch him produce Julio Franco-style. Ok, enough with the fun, time for business. The Phillies are in need of something, a lot of somethings! This is the first season in quite some time I haven't been optimistic, and that may be a good thing. I actually believe that the Buccos might be the better PA team this season. At least they have a 3rd sacker. What the heck do the Phillies have? Oh, that's right, David Bell, Abe Nunez, and Alex Gonzalez...not good in other terms. I don't want to blame all the Phillies' struggles on their lack of production from the hot corner, but I'm going to. While I'm ranting...bring back Kim Batiste!


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

If the Schu fits....

What's the over/under of, innings...played by David Bell before Chris Wheeler says something to the effect of "he does all the little things." I'm betting on 4, because Wheels is on radio for the first three innings. And just because a lack of batspeed caused Bell to hit a 2-0 fastball on the ground to the second baseman and there just happened to be a man on second base, does not mean he did a good job moving up the runner, it means he a horrid 3rd sacker who went for .261-10-61. Last year, he hit .400 versus LHP but pounded out a .199 against RHP. His back makes him an old 33. And after they move the fences back at the Brick Cit House, his HR totals should dip to 7......precisely the number of HR hit by Abraham Nunez, one of the players brought in as security for Bell's back, in the last 2 years combined. The same Abe Nunez who played 7 years with the Buccos, never hit over .262-4-35, but deserved multi-years and multi-millions because Tony LaRussa said so?

The Phils should have done one of three things: 1)Dump Bell. Eat his salary. Gillick could pass it off as a "Wade mistake." Signed or traded for a decent (or at least better than Bell third baseman). I would have settled for Joe Randa! 2)signed/trade for a REAL backup, for instance Wes Helm, Rob Mackowiak (.272-9-58, plays everywhere, bats L so great for platoon, drives under the influence, Pale Hoes got him for Marte, might have taken Padilla?) or Tony Batista (sure he can't hit over .240, but he could hit 25 our of the Cit easily.) 3)find Rick Schu and that sweet Fu Manchu.


Where have you gone Steve Jeltz?

Welcome to PA Baseball, a blog covering the Phillies & Pirates & baseball. Our goal is to rant and vent and tell the Phils and Buccos management what they should do, because we know at least as much as Ed Wade or Cam Bonifay.

Our first order of business, find Steve Jeltz, and sign him up.

Later - Corey & Carson