Monday, April 14, 2014

Let's Get It On- Braves Series Preview

Atlanta Braves (8-4) @ Philadelphia Phillies (6-6)

Pitching Match-Ups:
Monday, 7:00 - Ervin Santana vs. Roberto Hernandez
Tuesday, 7:05 - David Hale vs. Cliff Lee
Wednesday, 7:05 - Julio Teheran vs. AJ Burnett
Thursday, 1:05 - Alex Wood vs. Jonathan Pettibone

Braves Bats:
R - 46 (21st tied)
AVG - .246 (16th)
OPS - .711 (14th)

They have Freddie Freeman/1B (.442/1.333) and Justin Upton/LF (.386/1.175) in the middle of the lineup, but the rest of the crew isn't anything spectacular.  The group of Jayson Heyward/RF, BJ Upton/CF, and Dan Uggla/2B are off to slow starts (all batting below .200).

Braves Arms:
ERA - 2.44 (3rd)
WHIP - 1.18 (5th)

Pitching has been Atlanta's bread and butter for the past 3 decades, and continues to be the team's strength.  Someone gets injured and they just plug someone in from the minors and never seem to skip a beat.  Every starting pitcher going in this series has an ERA of 2.89 or less.  Runs might be difficult to come by for the Phightins.

Tuesday's game will be washed out, turning it into a 3 game series rather than 4.  As far as wins go, I have no clue.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Howard with a Howard, Oh Yeah!

You know it's a good day when Ryan Howard notches a Howard.  That's right, the stat's namesake earned himself his first strikeout, error, homerun game of the season and naturally the Phillies won.  Not only did the Phillies win, they swept the series from the Marlins and are now 6-6 on the year.

What else is good?
*Chase Utley is batting .500, word.
*Wil Nieves had more hits (3) in today's win then I thought he might get all season.
*Speaking of 3 hits, Tony Gwynn Jr. did the same today.
*Papelbon didn't blow a save this weekend.
*BJ Rosenberg hasn't allowed an earned run yet.
*Dom Brown has yet to hit a homerun, but is still hitting (.302).

Friday, April 11, 2014

Let's Get It On- Marlins Series Preview

Miami Marlins (5-5) @ Philadelphia Phillies (3-6)

Pitching Match-Ups:
Friday, 7:05 - Jose Fernandez vs. AJ Burnett
Saturday, 7:05 - Nate Eovaldi vs. Jonathan Pettibone
Sunday, 1:35 - Henderson Alvarez vs. KK

Fish Bats:
R - 50 (5th)
AVG - .269 (6th)
OPS - .742 (7th)

Giancarlo Stanton/RF drops bombs, Marcel Ozuna/LF is a Vlad Guerrero-esque free swinger, and young Cuban shortstop Adeiny Hechavarria may have finally discovered how to hit (.350 in 2014, .227 in 2013).

Fish Arms:
ERA - 3.72 (15th)
WHIP - 1.31 (18th)

Fernandez is Boy Wonder, Eovaldi brings it at 100 MPH, and so is basically Alvarez is the Phils only chance.  Their bullpen is well stocked too, with AJ Ramos, Dan Jennings, and Steve Cishek.

Phillies continue to add to their losing streak, upping it to 6 before finally winning the series finale on Sunday.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Let's Get It On- Brewers Series Preview

Milwaukee Brewers (4-2) @ Philadelphia Phillies (3-3)

Pitching Match-Ups:
Tuesday, 4:05 - Kyle vs. Kyle, Lohse vs. Kendrick, KL vs. KK
Wednesday, 7:05 - Matt Garza vs. Roberto Hernandez
Thursday, 7:05 - Marco Estrada vs. Cliff Lee

Beer Makers Bats:
R - 21 (23rd)
AVG - .263 (8th)
OPS - .695 (16th)

Aramis Ramirez/3B, Kris Davis/LF, Jonathan Lucroy/C, and Carlos Gomez/CF are all off to solid starts, batting .320+/.870+.  That lying sack of feces, Ryan Braun, is struggling and also has a banged up thumb.  No sympathy here.

Beer Makers Arms:
ERA - 1.45 (1st)
WHIP - 0.93 (2nd)

The Brewers are fresh off a sweep of the Red Sox and it was mostly due to their pitching staff.  The highest ERA of the entire group belong to Lohse and Zach Duke, a whopping 3.86.  Francisco Rodriguez holds down the 9th inning.

What I'm Drinking:
Evil Twin- Ryan & the Beaster Bunny.  This brew comes way of Denmark and is a saison style beer.  Fruity esters, soft carbonation, lil' bit of funk, yeasty goodness.  This is also known as a farmhouse ale.  Scores a 96 on and weighs in at 7% ABV.

Phils manage to sneak a win in against the Brew Crew with a 9th inning meltdown from K-Rod.  Other than that, this series belongs to Milwaukee.

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Phillies Only Unbeaten Team in NL...Or Should Be

The Phillies could be looking at a 5-0 record right now, with the opportunity to complete their second sweep of the season with a victory today over the Cubs.  Of course, due to bullpen woes, that is not the case and instead sit at 3-2.  Papelbon is going to blow saves every once in awhile, even Mariano Rivera did that from time to time.  However, the way he went about his meltdown in the 9th inning in Texas and lack of responsibility for the loss is what has the ire of Phans (including me).  It's early in the season yet, so lets cut him a break and hope that another blown save doesn't happen until further down the line.

Early Positives:
*Saint Utley- still one of the best 2nd basemen in baseball.
*Chooch knows how to get on base.
*Howard is striking out, but he's getting base knocks too.
*Ben Revere is fast.
*Starting pitching, outside of Lee's Opening Day dud, has been solid.

Early Negatives:
*Have relied too much on Jayson Nix.
*Bullpen is not good.  A healthy Mike Adams will help that.
*Not sure Cody Asche is an everyday player.
*Ben Revere has less power than a dead 9-volt.

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Saturday, April 05, 2014

Let's Get It On- Cub Series Preview (Lil' Late)

Philadelphia Phillies (2-2) @ Chicago Cubs (1-3)

Pitching Match-Ups:
Friday, 2:20 Phillies won, 7-2
Saturday, 2:20 Cliff Lee vs. Jeff suh-MAR-jah
Sunday, 2:20 AJ Burnett vs. Carlos Villanueva

The Curse of the Goat's Bats:
Emilio Bonerface (.579/1.303) is off to a hot start, but honestly this team is void of any real offensive threat.

The Curse of the Goat's Arms:
They have some decent pitchers on their staff, but nothing star worthy.  Today's start, Samardzija is the best they have to offer, but he may not even make it through the entire season with the Cubs (likely trade bait come July).  Pedro Strop is good when he's good, but is bad when he's bad, much like Phils closer Papelbomb.

What I'm Drinking:
Today I'll be partaking in a bottle share of a plethora of craft beer styles (IPA, blondes, sours, Imperial stouts, etc.).  Personally, I'm proud for one of my contributions to be Appalachian Brewing Co.'s Broad Street Barley Wine.

Given that the Phils already won the first game, I'm going to take a risk here and future forecast 1 win for the Phightins.  Seriously though, sweep for the good guys!

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

First Howard of the Season

You might think that we here at WSBGMs would be celebrating the Phillies first win of the season.  We are.  But, more importantly, we are celebrating the first Howard of the 2014.  Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants' Brandon Belt on belting a homerun, striking out, and committing an error all in the same game.  Doubtful he remains on top all season long, but for now he is king of the mountain. *Standings listed on the right sidebar of the blog.

Meanwhile, Ryne Sandberg is trying some new ideas out this year, batting Ryan Howard 5th against lefties and starting Jayson Nix at 3rd in place of Cody Asche.